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Haringey CAB Our role in working to combat Child Poverty in Haringey Markos Chrysostomou.

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1 Haringey CAB Our role in working to combat Child Poverty in Haringey Markos Chrysostomou

2 Why? 5 th highest proportion of children in poverty in the UK. 9 out of 19 wards with Child Poverty levels of over 50%. Responding to the needs of the community.

3 How did we become involved? Previous outreach work through New Deal for Communities. NRF funded Project - Reaping the Benefits – outreach income maximisation project in 3 of the poorest wards. Target groups included families. Delivered in partnership with LBH Neighbourhood Management. 2 of the venues were Childrens Centres.

4 Building on Experience Financial outcomes from income maximisation work in outreach settings were high. Need for targeted Benefit Take Up work confirmed. Targeting parents through working in Childrens Centres increased access for parents in non stigmatising environments. Having pressed for an anti poverty strategy the Haringey Child Poverty Action Group was set up to specifically address Child Poverty in Haringey. Funding secured to research and develop initiatives to combat Child Poverty, including a pilot Childrens Centre advice service in a deprived area in the West of the borough.

5 Delivering Services Reaping the Benefits has run for nearly 4 years but due to end January. Over £1.5 million in extra benefits and debt write offs gained. Funding secured to provide a borough wide Childrens Centres Advice Project providing Benefits and Money advice to parents. Project is funded for 6 months up to March 2011 and has to achieve outcomes of 200 families & £100k in extra benefits. The 1 st month has already seen money gains and more than 50 families have accessed the service. Added value includes training sessions and 2 nd tier support to Childrens Centre staff.

6 Actively influencing Policy Membership of Haringey CPAG. Reporting on outcomes and trends. Contributing to the Child Poverty Needs Assessment. Making recommendations for strategy development. Working with Childrens Centre staff & Council Officers to increase awareness of issues affecting parents. Provision of information and training to increase front line support for parents.

7 Where from here? Reducing Child Poverty remains a priority. LAs have to involve the 3 rd sector in strategy development. Haringey has completed its needs assessment. Bureaux in strong position to deliver programmes. Our work with Haringey has been recognised by the Child Poverty Unit & evidence from our work will be used in the submission to Frank Field.

8 Lessons Learned Effective preparation. Agree effective resource allocation. Effective promotion and engagement with targeted communities. Review and Analysis throughout project life cycle. Recognise, celebrate & communicate success. Multi faceted monitoring & building on data acquired to inform development of future projects. Make recommendations and contribute to policy development.

9 The Importance of Partnership Both the Childrens Centres and CAB have a strong commitment to relieving child poverty within Haringey – neither party can achieve this alone. By working together we combine resources and expertise to provide a strong and effective service to the whole family. This is why Haringey Council is working together in partnership to deliver a borough wide Childrens Centre Advice Service. Annie Jordan – Working Families Information Officer, London Borough of Haringey.

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