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Making your point: debating Voting All school assemblies must be delivered as a rap. NOYES.

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2 Making your point: debating

3 Voting

4 All school assemblies must be delivered as a rap. NOYES

5 Every student in Britain must walk to school at least once a week. NOYES

6 The working week and weekend will be swapped around, so people work for two days and then get five days off. NOYES

7 All students should get EMA NOYES

8 The driving licence age should be raised to 21. NOYES

9 Broadcasting Bill The TV licence should be abolished. NOYES

10 People who don’t vote should lose their right to vote. NOYES

11 Debate

12 For and Against >In groups of 3: >One person argue for the idea >One person argue against the idea >One person keep ‘score’ >2 minutes

13 All UK citizens should carry ID cards.

14 2:001:591:581:571:561:551:541:531:521:511:501:491:481:471:461:451:441:431:421:411:401:391:381:371:361:351:341:331:321:311:301:291:281:271:261:251:241:231:221:211:201:191:181:171:161:151:141:131:121:111:101:091:081:071:061:051:041:031:021:011:000:590:580:570:560:550:540:530:520:510:500:490:480:470:460:450:440:430:420:410:400:390:380:370:360:350:340:330:320:310:300:290:280:270:260:250:240:230:220:210:200:190:180:170:160:150:140:130:120:110:100:090:080:070:060:050:040:030:020:01End

15 The voting age should be lowered to 16. *

16 2:001:591:581:571:561:551:541:531:521:511:501:491:481:471:461:451:441:431:421:411:401:391:381:371:361:351:341:331:321:311:301:291:281:271:261:251:241:231:221:211:201:191:181:171:161:151:141:131:121:111:101:091:081:071:061:051:041:031:021:011:000:590:580:570:560:550:540:530:520:510:500:490:480:470:460:450:440:430:420:410:400:390:380:370:360:350:340:330:320:310:300:290:280:270:260:250:240:230:220:210:200:190:180:170:160:150:140:130:120:110:100:090:080:070:060:050:040:030:020:01End

17 Government & Opposition >We are going to split into Government & Opposition. >Each group will either: Give a 30 second speech as to why everyone should vote for their law OR give a 30 second speech to say why that law won’t work Opens to the floor for a debate

18 The motion before the House is........ that due to the negative impact on participants of reality TV shows, this Government suggests that they are banned. ” “

19 Counter argument >Why will this proposed law not work? >Where do you need more information? >What questions would you like to ask the proposing political party?

20 The Second Reading The ‘Government’ reads the opening speech The ‘Opposition’ reads their opening speech The rest of the ‘House’ joins in the debate Ends in a vote “AYE” “NO”

21 Stages of a bill First Reading Second Reading Committee Stage Report Stages Third Reading Lords Stages Royal Assent

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