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C.S.I. World War II.

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1 C.S.I. World War II

2 CASE FILE The 1930’s witnessed a major military build-up by both Japan and Germany. As a result of this increased growth, both Japan and Germany aggressively sought to expand their Nationalistic and Imperialistic footprint. World War II CLASSIFIED

3 Activity Directions Work Cooperatively Read each document thoroughly
Use your Think Marks Complete handout - “Detective Log” Complete handout - “Questions to Consider” Individually, complete a one-page summary Have Fun!!!

4 Be sure to download the following: CSI Primary Source Packet
Activity Directions Be sure to download the following: CSI Primary Source Packet CSI Detective Log

5 See Handout Detective Log Who authored the document?
When was the document authored? What type of document? Who was the audience for the document? Why was it created? Who was the aggressor in the incident according to the document? Document 1 Document 2 See Handout

6 Document 1 Japan To Crush China Forever

7 Document 2 Keep Hands Off In China

8 Document 3 Opinions on the Munich Agreement

9 Document 4 Poles Report Attack By Nazi Planes, Troops

10 Document 5 Germany and Russia To Sign Pact of Nonaggression

11 Document 6 Premier Acts As Nazis Ignore Edict On Poland

12 Document 7 Battle of Britain Near Peak

13 Document 8 The President’s Lease=Lend Aid Letter

14 Document 9 Willie Pledges A ‘No-War’ Policy

15 Document 10 Tokyo Acts First

16 Document 11 Germany and Italy Declare War on U.S.

17 Questions to Consider What questions did you ask while evaluating these sources? On what points do the accounts agree? On what points do the accounts differ? Which of these sources aligns most closely with what you already knew about the causes of WW II? How so? Which of these sources is most reliable in determining how the war in Europe began? Why do you think so? How the role and actions of other European Nations prior to and immediately after Germany’s attack on Poland progressed. How the role of the United States evolved during the events in Europe. How Japan’s role as super power evolved and its relationship with the United States.

18 Cracking the Case Based on your analysis of the documents and citing evidence to support your answers, in summary format, respond to the following questions: What were some of the causes for Germany’s European aggression? Describe how and why Japan’s conflict with China might prompt its involvement as a primary participant in World War II. Describe the United States involvement during the early stages of the conflict in Europe and Asia and how/if these actions maintained a policy of isolationism. Describe how and why the United States involvement in the war changed over time and what were the primary causes of this change.

19 To the Teacher: And Be sure to download my Detective Log
World War II Primary Source Packet

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