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*!:)Intolerable Acts(:!*

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1 *!:)Intolerable Acts(:!*
By: Lauren Porterfield!!!=] Myranda Cunningham!!!=] Alex Kopec!!! Justin Roscoe!!! Ryan Baker!!!

2 Intolerable Acts Who it happened to: British American Colonists
Parliament Massachusetts People

3 Intolerable Acts What happened?:
The Massachusetts charter was canceled. The Governor decided if and when the legislature could meet. Quartering Act forced colonists to quarter, or house and supply, British soldiers. Thomas Gage became Massachusetts Governor.

4 Intolerable Acts! When did it happen?: Spring of 1774

5 Intolerable Acts! Where did it happen:
Throughout the colonies of Massachusetts.

6 Intolerable Acts Why it happened:
It all stared when the new British minister, Lord North, heard about the Boston Tea Party. Parliament decided to punish Massachusetts for just asking the question of,”Can we remain in the situation long?” Royal officials were accused of crimes, and sent Britain to trial. They got a nicer judge and jury. The acts made more people angry. Colonists wrote essays and poems critical of Britain's actions.

7 Intolerable Acts! What was the outcome?:
Colonial leaders in Boston proposed a Boycott of all British goods in the colonies. They also tried to bring together leaders from each colony to decide, the best way to respond to Britain's abuses of colonial rights.

8 Intolerable Acts! Fun Facts(: Mercy Otis Warren wrote two plays:
a) The Group b) The Blockheads In The Group, Warren gave British people nicknames to make them look foolish. Patrick Henry was the first to protest and commonly used the saying: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

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