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6.4 New Taxes and Tensions Goals:

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1 6.4 New Taxes and Tensions Goals:
How did colonists respond to the Townshend Acts? Why were the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party significant events? What was the purpose of the Intolerable Acts?

2 Townshend Acts – June 1767 Placed taxes on glass, lead, paint, paper and tea. Paid for military costs & salaries for the governors. Writs of Assistance – Used to enforce the Townshend Acts Allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods. Colonists hated new laws- they violated their constitutional rights.

3 Tax collectors seized the ship Liberty on suspicion of smuggling.
Sons of Liberty attacked custom officials’ houses in response. Oct. 1768 British soldiers arrived in Boston to restore order. British Governor broke up the Massachusetts legislature.

4 The Boston Massacre Shouting insults and throwing things common between colonists & soldiers. March 5, 1770 – tensions exploded. Soldiers fired into an angry mob, killing 5 colonists. Event was used as propaganda – only one side of the story was told. 2 of the 6 soldiers found guilty & branded.

5 A Tax on Tea Parliament repealed most of the Townshend Acts- except the tax on tea. British East India Co. asked to sell tea directly to the colonies- to keep prices low and still profit. Tea Act 1773 Colonists worried this Co. would have a monopoly – they were against it. Sons of Liberty demanded the tea ships leave the harbor.

6 Boston Tea Party Colonists dressed as American Indians and threw all the ships’ tea chests into the Boston Harbor.

7 The Intolerable Acts Causes— Purpose— Continued protests by
the colonists Boston Tea Party Purpose— To force the colonists to submit to British authority. Prevent any further protests.

8 Results— Closed Boston Harbor Massachusetts charter was cancelled
Royal officials allowed to be tried in Britain Quartering Act – forced colonists to quarter, or house and supply, British soldiers. General Thomas Gage became governor of Massachusetts.

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