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Manor Lakes P-12 College Senior Years Mathematics (Year 9 – 12)

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1 Manor Lakes P-12 College Senior Years Mathematics (Year 9 – 12)

2 Learning Intention To get to know our new team and begin our collaborative work in order to prepare the mathematics courses we are delivering in 2014.

3 Success Criteria We have: Explored our SY Mathematics folder and worked on setting our Senior Years Mathematics Expectations for 2014 Created our timetable for 2014 with our blocked sessions Understood the structures in place across SY Mathematics Begun working on our planning documents for 2014

4 Warm-up Two Truths and a Lie You will need to tell two truths and a lie to another person in the room. Can you pick the lie? Repeat this with two other people. Feedback what you learnt about a person in the room. Pole Challenge – How good are we as a team? Each person places one finger under the pole Starting at head height, the team will need to lower the pole to the floor.

5 Today’s Content 1) Where are we going? (Setting up our expectations) 2) Mathematics structure (How do we create a viable streamlined curriculum) 3) Mathematics Resource Folder (School resources, server access, previous mathematics documents and wellbeing staff access) 4) Developing key foci 5) Planning our courses

6 Where are we going? We need to create our senior years expectations document, underlining: Non-Negotiable Expectations, Values/Vision, Avoids, Initiatives to support the Non-Negotiable Expectations, Self-Management, Leadership

7 Senior Years Mathematics Structures at MLP12C The aim of the senior years mathematics team over the past years is to create a streamlined viable curriculum from year 9 to 12. A curriculum that has consistent documentation between the year levels, which is flexible and sequenced. Fortunately we are still developing these structures and process’ and continually improving on consistency amongst year level teams.

8 Senior Years Mathematics Structures at MLP12C All Mathematics course being delivered Subject Assessment Agreements Subject Assessment ScheduleYearly/Unit Scope & Sequence SAC’s/Tests Rich Tasks/Projects Term Planners (Grid) Topic Planner (Concept Based) Topic Overviews End of Semester Exam

9 Senior Years Mathematics Structures at MLP12C Challenges ahead… Ensuring all year level teams are consistent with the development of the planning documents we have currently. Maintaining common expectations within every classroom. Access to resources, documents and each other. Any others?? (sticky notes) How can we do this?? Think/Pair/Share moment

10 Mathematics Resource Folder Any questions? Bored yet… dxPVyieptwA

11 Developing Key Foci In a meeting with some members of our team we decided to look at improving the following in 2014: Student Organisation Punctuality/Attendance Our delivery of the 4-part lesson plan The sheet we completed looks like:

12 Planning our Courses The courses we are delivering in 2014: Year 9 Mathematics Year 10 Functional (Semester 2) General Early Commencement (VCE General 1 & 2) Year 11 (VCE Units 1 &2) Foundation Mathematics General Mathematics Mathematical Methods Year 12 (VCE Units 3 & 4) Further Mathematics Mathematical Methods

13 Planning our Courses To do list: Subject Assessment Agreement Dates Scope and Sequences – Completed (2013 version) Term Planners (Grid) Topic Overviews – Completed (2013 version) Topic Planners – Completed (2013 version)

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