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Assignment 2-Unit 5 Sports Coaching

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1 Assignment 2-Unit 5 Sports Coaching
BTEC SPORT LEVEL 3 YEAR 13 Assignment 2-Unit 5 Sports Coaching

2 Scenario As part of your coaching education, you must plan and deliver a sports coaching session as part of a unit of work. You must learn the value of reviewing your coaching sessions as part of a personalised coaching development plan that will lead you to obtain a National Governing Body Coaching Award.

3 Task 1 – P4 Research the process of planning a sports coaching session (aims, objectives, SMART targets, roles and responsibilities.) The roles of participants in coaching sessions (number, gender, ability, needs and age.)

4 Task 2 – P4 The impact of resources in the successful delivery of a coaching session (human, physical and fiscal.) Identify your sports coaching session and complete a risk assessment for that session. (Facility, emergency procedures and contingencies.)

5 Task 3 – P4 Research the components of a session and review previous session’s plans. (Warm up, main body and cool down.) Review coaching skills and techniques (feedback)

6 Task 4 – P4/P6 Create an assessment activity observation sheet highlighting the key elements that are to be included in a successful coaching session. Use this format to observe a lesson/coaching session.

7 Task 5 – P4 Create your sport coaching session plan.
State how this session would fit in a 6 week sequence of sessions.

8 Task 6 – P6 Create a participant feedback sheet that will be completed after your sports coaching session.

9 Task 7 – P5 With tutor assistance, you deliver a 20 minute sports coaching session.

10 Task 8 – M4 Deliver a 20 minute sports coaching session with no tutor support.

11 Task 9 – P6 After delivery of sports coaching session allow participants to complete feedback sheet and self evaluate own performance by completing your assessment activity observation sheet.

12 Task 10 – P6 Develop understanding of the review process (the coaching process, formative and summative assessment.)

13 Task 11 – P6 Create a written review of your sport coaching session identifying your strengths and areas for improvement.

14 Task 12 – M5/D3 Develop understanding of how to create a coaching development plan for your sport (opportunities, further qualifications, potential barriers.)

15 Task 13 – M5 Summarise the planning and delivery of your coaching session identifying own strengths and suggesting how to improve areas of weakness. Produce a development plan identifying possible opportunities to develop coaching ability.

16 Task 14 – D3 Create a detailed development plan that identifies specific coaching qualifications and how these will develop your areas of improvement.

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