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YEAR 12 PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT Monday 23 September 2013 Please turn off your mobile phone.

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1 YEAR 12 PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT Monday 23 September 2013 Please turn off your mobile phone

2 LISA TEMPLE Year 12 Dean of Studies

3 YEAR 12 – WHATS DIFFERENT? Assessment – more and more constant Examined/continuous assessment Pros and Cons Marks - 1st 50% relatively easy; next 25% harder; final 25% hard to very hard State moderation in all subjects

4 HOW MUCH WORK? New Challenges 3 levels – ongoing, short term & long term Tests, assignments, individual studies, examinations More demanding research requirements Increased independent study

5 5 SUBJECTS? Less is less and more is more… Structure is helpful 4 subjects to complete the SACE 5 subjects for university preparation Top achievers at USC - 5 subjects

6 DELIVERY OF THE PROGRAM Lectures and Tutorials

7 STRUCTURE 2 x 1 hour lectures (all students attend) 1 x 2 hour tutorial (15-20 students) 4 hours per subject Equal hours – independent study 20+20 – office hours Teacher Availability Time


9 USC HOME PAGE MyUni – learning and assessment plans, assessment tasks, subject content and announcements Email E-signs


11 REPORTING Term 1 – Graded Report Term 2 – Detailed Report Term 3 – Examination Report Term 3 – Final Graded Report Interviews – Terms 2 and 3

12 HOW DO WE START? Now… uni program investigation - SATAC guide, subject choices Subject choices – achievement; interest; prerequisites & assumed knowledge Emphasis on transition – Year 11 experience: What went well? What can I do to improve?

13 SUBJECT SELECTION Year 11 Students are due to hand in their blue 2014 Subject Selection forms to mentors during their individual interviews this week Parents are required to sign these forms.

14 SUBJECT SELECTION Term 3 Reports were distributed on Wednesday last week. Students have been asked to consider the teachers comments and achievement in the USC Standard when selecting Stage 2 Subjects. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding subject results to the teacher via email or phone 8313 4988.

15 ORIENTATION 1. Transition Lectures Monday 2 December & Tuesday 3 December 2013 University grounds and lecture theatres Introduce subjects and teachers Make a head start – tasks Meet new students

16 ORIENTATION 2. Information Day Wednesday 29 January 2014 Meet your mentor Diaries distributed Timetables confirmed Mentor interviews organised

17 ORIENTATION 3. Introductory Mentor Interview within first two weeks of school Review 2013 Positives, challenges Goal Setting Well Being

18 SUCCESS – CHASING THE LEARNING Attendance and involvement Formative and summative completion Using support Planning Grit and resilience Maintaining perspective Good small choices

19 GOLDEN RULES OF USC Just Do It – Now Work Before Play Keep Going

20 PERSPECTIVE Learning, achievement are challenging Gateway: development and satisfaction rather than the score Preparing for life beyond the gateway Many tertiary pathways

21 SACE completion ATAR Engage with USC program Self directed learner Research Project at Year 11 5 Stage 2 subjects at Year 12 PARTNERS PATHWAY

22 ENGAGEMENT Independent Learning Use of diary/planner/list Use of non-programmed time Meeting deadlines Management of long term tasks

23 ENGAGEMENT Attendance Most lectures and Tutorials (80%) Punctuality Keeping appointments with teachers and Mentor

24 ENGAGEMENT Attitudes To Learning Listening Group work Note taking Following advice Persistence

25 ENGAGEMENT Use of Support Mentoring – sessions and interviews Seeking help as appropriate Negotiating in advance

26 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - PP Academic results Yr 11, Yr 12 semester one and mid-year exam results 2 program choices Reflect levels of achievement Most courses available – exceptions: Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology Honours, Pre-veterinary, Music

27 Balance The Mind-Body Connection Sleep Digital boundaries Eating Exercise Relaxation A less optional outlook

28 MOTIVATION Its home grown - thrives on repeated good small choices; diminishes with repeated poor choices Self talk – keeping it positive Long term rewards rarely work; small, short term rewards are more effective Self reward is the most powerful

29 THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY 2014 Student Support Evening Counsellor – perspectives on being the parent of a Year 12 student Meet the Mentors – key support role


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