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Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Mathematics Overview.

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1 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Mathematics Overview

2 Common Core Standards: Why? Prepares students for college and work. Consistent expectations regardless of a students zip code. Provides clear, focused guideposts.

3 Common Core Standards: Where did they come from? 2009 College and Career Readiness standards Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) State and National Math/Math Education Professionals (& their feedback)

4 Which states are officially on board?

5 Will New York State high school math courses change? NYSED has yet to release information about how CCSS will be organized into Regents courses for our state. As far as we know, Integrated Algebra, Geometry and A2/Trig will remain as the core NYS courses, but that is subject to change.

6 What about Regents Exams? Content will change to match the Common Core standards According to the NYSED website, Regents exams will match the CCSS content in 2013- 2014* *Subject to change!!

7 The CCSS Vision in Math... There is a world of difference between a student who can summon a mnemonic device... and a student who can explain where the mnemonic device comes from. The student who can explain the rule understands the mathematics, and may have a better chance to succeed at a less familiar task...

8 Your support teachers will be assisting CTE teachers to implement the new CCSS into their respective curricula. Next Steps…

9 Timeline from the NYSED website

10 Timeline (continued…)

11 Key Points for Mathematics: In January 2011, NYS adopted its final version of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). CCSS shift: (Fewer Topics…Greater Depth) 2005 NY Math Standards Number of Math topics Depth of Instruction 2011 CCSS Number of Math topics Depth of Instruction

12 Key Points (continued…) For K-8, CCSS are mapped into each grade level For 9-12, NYSED still deciding which standards will be addressed at each grade level

13 Web-based Resources New York State Version of CCS: National Version of CCS: AMTNYS CCS Resources: Progression of Domains: Visual Representation of National CCS (Univ. of Arizona) (Requires using Firefox) More Info:

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