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Cell US Government analogy

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1 Cell US Government analogy
BY: Dylan Walton

2 Mitochondria to senators
The mitochondria is like the senators because they make rules available to the nation like its energy.

3 Nucleolus to President
The nucleolus is like the president because it holds information that runs the cell.

4 Cell membrane to Elections
The Elections are like a cell membrane because you must pass through it go get into the government. Also it is like a semipermeable membrane because it does not allow every one to pass through.

5 Cytoplasm to United States citizens.
The citizens of the United states are like cytoplasm because they fill in the space between government officials.

6 Nucleus to presidential cabinet
The nucleus is like the presidential cabinet because it surrounds the nucleolus like the cabinet surrounds the president.

7 Endoplasmic reticulum to legislative branch.
The endoplasmic reticulum is like the legislative branch because it prepares things to be distributed to the cell like the legislative branch prepares laws to give to the united states.

8 Ribosomes to supreme court
The supreme court is like a ribosome because it changes criminals in to useful civilians like a ribosome changes proteins.

9 Golgi body to federal prison
The Golgi body is like federal prison because the prison changes people and sends them back into society.

10 Vacuole to constitution
The constitution holds important things to help run the government as a vacuole holds water.

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