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Cell Analogy Shawn Sharrak.

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1 Cell Analogy Shawn Sharrak

2 Cell Membrane The cell membrane surrounds the cell, so it’s the same thing as the wall of the grocery store. In both plant/animal cells there is a cell membrane.

3 Cytoplasm The cytoplasm is the open space in both a plant or animal cell, in a grocery store there is open areas also.

4 Nucleus The nucleus is the control center of a cell and it tells things what to do. In a grocery store the computer system tells the cashiers what the prices are for each item.

5 Endoplasmic Reticulum
In a cell the endoplasmic reticulum moves ribosomes from place to place. In a grocery store shopping carts move your groceries around the store and even to your car.

6 Ribosomes In a plant/animal cell ribosomes are getting made and produced. In a grocery store money is getting made.

7 Nucleolus In a plant/animal cell the nucleolus controls the cell. In a grocery store the cashier controls the computer system.

8 Mitochondria In both a plant and animal cell the mitochondria supplies energy to the cell. In a grocery store a generator gives energy to keep things such as light running.

9 Golgi Body In plant and animal cells the Golgi body packages proteins and ships them. The bag boy packages your items at the grocery store.

10 Vacuole In plant and animal cells the vacuole stores food and waste in the cell. In a grocery store they store plenty of food and other items.

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