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Road to Revolution Jeopardy Game Please select a Team by picking the category that matches your birthday. 1.January-March 2.April-June 3.July-September.

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2 Road to Revolution Jeopardy Game

3 Please select a Team by picking the category that matches your birthday. 1.January-March 2.April-June 3.July-September 4.October-December

4 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 Tex as Rev o lu Team ScoresParticipant Scores $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 tion $200

5 Team Scores April-June 7080July-September October-December January-March Back to the Board

6 Participant Scores 8000Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant 65300Participant Participant Participant Participant 33500Participant Participant 72000Participant Participant Participant Participant 12 Back to the Board

7 The Fredonian Rebellion 1.Prompted the US to try to purchase Tx 2.Confirmed Mexican fears that settlers were trying to take over Tx. 3.Caused colonists to side with the war party 4.Marked the beginning of the Texas Revolution Life is $100

8 The Law of April 6, 1830 Life is $ Required all settlers to show proof that they owned their land 2.Laid out the rights of Texans in the colonies 3.Increased tensions between Texans and the Mexican government 4. led many Texans to renew their support of Santa Anna

9 After meeting with Santa Anna in Mexico City in 1833, Stephen F. Austin Life is $300 1.Called for a declaration of war 2.Returned to Texas with several new land grants 3.Decided to accept the command of the Army of the people 4.Was accused of treason by the Mexican government

10 Santa Anna received support from Texans initially because he Life is $400 1.called for Texas's independence. 2.honored all empresarial land grants. 3.claimed to support states' rights. 4.all of the above

11 U.S. government sent Joel R. Poinsett to speak to Mexican officials about Life is $500 1.purchasing Texas from Mexico. 2.the problems with pirates in the Gulf of Mexico. 3.U.S. citizens captured in the Fredonian Rebellion. 4.the outcome of the Consultation.

12 Who began to gather an army after the attack on San Antonio ended with the Mexican generals surrender Like a $ Martin Perfecto de Cos 2.John Davis Bradburn 3.Santa Anna 4.Jose Urrea

13 When Cos surrendered after the attack on San Antonio, he agreed to never again oppose the Like a $200 1.Turtle Bayou Resolutions 2.The Constitution of The Convention of The Law of April 6, 1830

14 What battle showed that the Texans would use military force if necessary? Like a $300 1.Battle of Gonzales 2.The Alamo 3.The Battle of San Antonio 4.The battle at San Jacinto

15 Santa Annas violations of the Constitution of 1824 Like a $400 1.Proved that he did not understand the law 2.Showed that he was willing to give the Texans cause a chance 3.Caused repeated legal battles 4.Led eventually to the Texas Revolution

16 What trouble did Bradburn cause in Anahuac? Like a $500 1.He arrested a land commissioner who was not breaking any laws. 2.He forced settlers to provide labor and materials to build a new fort. 3.He arrested Patrick Jack for protesting another arrest Bradburn had made 4.All of the above

17 Who was the leader of the Mexican army defeated at the Battle of San Antonio in 1835? Box of $ Jose Urrea 2. Señora Francisca Álvarez 3. Antonio López de Santa Anna 4. Martin Perfecto de Cos

18 The two main roads leading into Texas from Mexico were the Old San Antonio Road and the Box of $200 1.Atascosito 2.Road.Rio Grande Road. 3.Matamoros Way. 4.Camino del Norte.

19 Which military leader surrendered at Coleto Creek on March 20, 1836? Box of $300 1.Sam Houston 2.James Fannin 3.David Bowie 4.Amon King

20 Delegates at the Convention of 1836 declared Texas's independence on Box of $400 1.February 23, July 4, March 2, May 5, 1836.

21 Texas forces defeated Santa Anna's army and won the Texas Revolution at the Box of $500 1.Battle of San Jacinto. 2.Battle of the Alamo. 3.Battle of Goliad. 4.Battle of Refugio.

22 . For what is William Travis best known? Chocolates $ He commanded the Texans against Santa Anna's forces at the Alamo. 2.He led Americans in California in a revolt against Mexico. 3.He defeated a Mexican army at the Battle of Buena Vista. 4.He switched sides during the Texas Revolution and became an officer under Santa

23 What document has been called the most heroic document in Texas history? Chocolates $200 1.the Texas Declaration of Independence 2.the letter written by William Travis asking for more volunteers to defend the Alamo 3. the letter from David Crockett to Santa Anna asking for the release of women and children from the Alamo General Garay's pardon of Andrew Boyle

24 The second section of the Texas Declaration of Independence lists which of these as a grievance against Mexico? Chocolates $300 1.the arrest of Stephen F. Austin 2.failure to establish public education 3.denial of rights such as trial by jury and freedom of religion 4.all of the above

25 Santa Anna was eventually captured by the Texans and later Chocolates $400 1.was executed by order of the Republic of Texas. 2.died in prison while serving a life sentence for crimes against Texas. 3.was assigned a rank in the Texan army. 4.was released by Sam Houston.

26 Who was the first elected president of the Republic of Texas? Chocolates $500 1.Stephen F. Austin 2.Henry Smith 3.Sam Houston 4.David Burnet

27 After sending all the captives taken at Coleto to Goliad, Santa Anna ordered them You never know $ Released 2.Jailed 3.Taken to Mexico 4.Executed

28 Which of these was not a reason settlers came to Texas? You never know $200 1.They were attracted by plentiful and inexpensive land. 2.They were seeking adventure and personal gain. 3.They sought escape from problems in the United States 4.They wanted to move to an established area.

29 Who was considered the first empresario in Texas? You never know $300 1.Stephen F. Austin 2.Green DeWitt 3.George Morgan 4.Erasmo Seguin

30 Jean Laffite used Galveston Island as the headquarters of his You never know $400 1.colony 2.Empresarial grant 3.militia 4.Pirating operation

31 Why were Spanish officials worried about the number of Americans settling in Spanish territory? You never know $ They feared that Americans would outnumber Spaniards, making it easier for the Americans to seize control of the territory. 2. They were concerned that the Americans, who were mostly Protestant, would turn the Native Americans away from the Catholic Church. 3. They thought that the territories would become overcrowded, leading to a variety of problems. 4. They were convinced that the Americans would try to bring enslaved Africans Americans into Spanish territories, where slavery was illegal.

32 A formal statement of a decision, an opinion, or a course of action by an official group What youll get $100 1.faction 2.resolution 3.delegate 4.allegiance

33 A former volunteer colonel and member of Congress from Tennessee who helped defend the Alamo What youll get $ Sam Houston 2.Jim Bowie 3.David Crockett 4.Juan Seguin

34 Troops stationed at a military fort What youll get $300 1.garrison 2.annexation 3.siege 4.delegate

35 Signed by the United States and Spain in 1819, the Adams-Onís Treaty What youll get $400 1.established a way to collect taxes from immigrants. 2.provided funding for expeditions into the West. 3.made it possible for non- Catholics to enter Texas. 4.set the eastern and northern borders of Texas.

36 Stephen F. Austin established his first settlement in Central Texas on the What youll get $500 1.Sabine River. 2.Red River. 3.Colorado River. 4.Brazos River.

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