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Ian Little FIEAust CPEng RPEQ Overseas qualified engineers an untapped resource.

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1 Ian Little FIEAust CPEng RPEQ Overseas qualified engineers an untapped resource

2 Introduction There is a large pool of unemployed migrant engineers in Australia not being accepted by employers Why ? Why not? Practical ways for engineering managers to tap into the overseas qualified engineer workforce

3 Risk Current recruiting practices aim to protect organisations from employing the wrong person Focus is on employing individuals This places organisations at risk by –excluding useful people in a tight labour market –reducing profit due to lost opportunities Re-evaluate risks and manage Flexible solutions are needed to engage all possible candidates

4 Job Specifications Job DescriptionsCandidates

5 Recruitment Issues Aim – avoid discrimination –Outcomes should be the test of equality Individual positions with rigid selection criteria which are often unrealistic –Used to exclude rather than select Business built from teams –Total >  individuals Skills outside core for a specific position not recognised

6 Common Situation Employer expectation CV addresses skills and achievements Confidence Applicants know about your company Industry specific requirements Migrant presentation CV addresses education and companies Low self esteem Minimal knowledge of business Have skills in allied areas Employers need to read between the lines

7 The Migrants view No Australian experience – can’t get job

8 Is Australia so different ? Fundamental science is the same Software International standards Accepted international industry standards International equipment suppliers Global companies Climate Industry Are you a kangaroo or an ostrich ?

9 Managing Risk Assess generic skills Mentor Accreditation of qualifications Develop a program for ‘local knowledge’ Development program for English Organisation culture fit Use the 3 month probationary period Confidence is needed in the employment process

10 Salary Create a 2 year development plan –quarterly steps Employing managers need to take the initiative Integrity is essential –New arrivals are vulnerable Objective – a fully functional senior engineer in two years

11 The GOOD NEWS Migrant engineers develop quickly –English –self confidence –‘local knowledge’ Highly motivated Will learn local standards quickly Broaden companies experience base High return on investment

12 An Action Plan Evaluate –Recruiting risk criteria –How you assess job applications –Real impact of no Australian experience Develop confidence in your selection process Put support mechanisms in place with clear goals OpportunityFairGrow


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