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The team approach to school-based Aboriginal Language Programs Jennifer Munro Senior Education Officer Aboriginal Curriculum Unit.

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1 The team approach to school-based Aboriginal Language Programs Jennifer Munro Senior Education Officer Aboriginal Curriculum Unit

2 What are language programs for? Reclamation Revival Revitalisation Renewal  R e-claimTo claim again e-vitaliseTo live again e-viveTo bring to life e-newTo make new

3 The Aboriginal Languages K-10 Syllabus and support documents Provides guidelines for developing a language program Encourages high quality language teaching and learning By meeting the requirements of the syllabus you know Aboriginal Language Programs have the same standard and status as other language courses.

4 How do we do this in schools? Research (language revitalisation programs, archives, linguistics etc) Constructing language Language learning Programming and planning Professional development and training Resource development Teaching

5 Who does all this work in school-based language programs? Can we expect just one person to do it all? If we need different people – then who does what? How can we find people to do the work? How do we build a team? What if people want to work but need more training? What if some people don’t want to work together?

6 Roles of Aboriginal Language Program team members Compiled by language program participants at the OBOS Sharing Workshop, Dubbo 22-24/8/05

7 Community Language Teachers Community representative – only if comfortable with this role and shouldn’t be the only representative Teaching Language – with classroom teacher present, who should assist with discipline and classroom management Programming – must not be expected to do programming on their own but should collaborate with classroom or language teacher – input from community language teachers is vital though because a unit of work is only really a plan or reflection of what they will be teaching. Resource Development Community work – getting the Language out into the community

8 Linguists Expertise in language knowledge – specifically in Australian Aboriginal languages – in grammar/structures, pronunciation, sound system/phonetics Assist the community to make informed decisions based on sound linguistic advice Interpret linguistic information for all others involved – Provide language to be taught – Teach language and linguistic knowledge to others To help bring out the Language – by reconstructing the language from archival materials – by providing advice on developing an orthography Recording of more language Assist with resource development Teacher-Linguist experience - Some linguists also have experience in teaching and can actively fill some roles of the classroom teacher, including programming

9 Coordinators Training and professional development Supervisor role – running of the language program and help manage all the workers involved – conflict resolution Contact point – both within and outside the school Secure funding Ensure protocols carried out Community involvement – to work hand in hand with AEAs and/or Community Language Teachers Gather support – enthuse all those involved – publicity Gather resources – background research – team members – administration

10 Aboriginal Education Assistants (AEAs) or Aboriginal Education Worker (AEW) Not necessarily to teach the language – if the AEA or AEW is comfortable with their language knowledge they can teach but it shouldn’t be expected that they will Liaising or communicating with the community (Community + Parents + School) about language matters and community teachers – support and facilitate communication between school and community – organising and facilitating community meetings – writing newsletters – support community teachers Assistant to teachers involved in the language program – working closely with classroom teachers and community teachers – resource development Continues in role of AEA within the Language Program – Supports Aboriginal students in classroom – Advises the school on community and Aboriginal issues – Be replacement family for Aboriginal students

11 Classroom Teachers Resource Development Teaching – only in collaboration and consultation with Community Language Teachers – there may be some exceptions where the teachers have support and approval from the community and/or elders (strict protocols should be followed with advice from AEAs, Community Language Teachers and Coordinators) Assist and participate in lessons – it is expected that the classroom teacher can help with teaching techniques and activities – it is also expected that the classroom teacher will learn the language at the same time Be responsible for discipline and classroom management Reinforce the language in the daily life of the classroom Programming – Scope and Sequences, Units of Work and Lessons Plans for each stage Assessment and reporting

12 Language Teachers If the Language Teacher is also the Classroom Teacher involved, the same as those roles are applicable here Programming – Language teachers often have much experience in programming Upskill other team members in current and contemporary language teaching styles and techniques – There are many activities and actual classroom techniques that Language Teachers can impart – Aspects of contemporary language teaching methodology that we should use: 1. Sequential language teaching (teaching new and more difficult language at each stage from K-10) 2. Integrated Culture (cultural knowledge is embedded in the langauge teaching) 2. Communicative language teaching (teaching language that encourages students to speak to each other), and 3. Immersion language teaching (using little to no English)

13 Who does what when planning a Program (creating a Scope and Sequence, Units of Work and/or lesson plans) Community Language Teachers Linguists Coordinators AEAs Classroom Teachers Language Teachers

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