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Language, Learning And Literacy (L3)

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1 Language, Learning And Literacy (L3)
An early intervention literacy program for students in Kindergarten.

2 The L3 Focus L3 provides rich literacy experiences to support all students in Kindergarten to become successful Readers and Writers.

3 What is L3? L3 is a research based, cost effective Kindergarten classroom intervention.

4 Legend Reading Recovery Levels 1-2 Reading Recovery Levels 3-5

5 Legend 0-5 words 6-23 words 24 + words

6 Implementation Summary

7 Change over one school year

8 What is L3? L3 is taught in short, sharp explicit lessons of 10 minutes in both reading and writing.

9 What is L3? L3 Is taught in the classroom to small groups of three students as part of the daily literacy lesson. The remainder of the class works independently on carefully selected literacy tasks.

10 Why L3? L3 monitors student progress through consistent collection and analysis of student data.

11 Why L3? L3 responds to the learning needs of students as they progress in the acquisition of literacy skills.

12 Why L3? L3 addresses all aspects of the NSW K-6 English Syllabus.

13 The L3 Regional Trainer Course
In 2010, Curriculum Directorate through Best Start, is training L3 Regional trainers.

14 The L3 Program L3 Regional trainers :
Teach two small groups of three to four Kindergarten students during their classroom Literacy session, three days per week. Participate in all train the trainer activities. Participate in six in-class visits by Curriculum Directorate. Deliver training and in-school support to up to 15 Kindergarten teachers and support staff in up to five schools per year.

15 Kindergarten teams from participating schools
Attend 12 half-day training sessions with other Kindergarten teams from a small community of schools.

16 Kindergarten teams from participating schools
Participate in 4 half day collegial visits, involving classroom observation and discussion with the L3 regional trainer.

17 Kindergarten teams from participating schools
Complete between session tasks and collect ongoing student data.

18 Participating schools
Provide funding and other support to ensure the participation of Kindergarten teachers and support staff in training and the effective implementation of the L3 program.

19 Participating schools
Maintain implementation of L3 as a regular in-class intervention for Kindergarten students with additional support needs.

20 Future Planning It is proposed that Curriculum K-12 Directorate offer training and support that would accredit 15 teachers as regional L3 trainers each year from 2010 to 2012. Regional Directors would decide regional involvement in the program.

21 Future Planning The professional learning components of the course will be registered with the NSW Institute of Teachers.

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