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Realities. Registration Provisional Registration (PRT) Valid for 5 years Subject to Confirmation (STC) Valid for 3 years Full Registration Valid for 5.

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1 Realities

2 Registration Provisional Registration (PRT) Valid for 5 years Subject to Confirmation (STC) Valid for 3 years Full Registration Valid for 5 years Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) Specified period

3 Groupwork Each group has 10 minutes to read and discuss each category (expert group) One member from each group gives others information about the category( 10 min) People in each group can ask questions regarding that category

4 Renewals Renewal of practising certificate $120 + late fee of $50 International Teacher Fee $80 + $120 application fee LAT fee $55

5 Satisfactory Teacher Dimensions Professional Knowledge This is evident in the planning and preparation that goes into the teaching/learning programme and the willingness and commitment of the teacher to extend knowledge of content and theory throughout his or her career to provide quality activities and programmes. A satisfactory teacher demonstrates knowledge of: Current curricula the subjects being taught and current learning theory. The Treaty of Waitangi, te reo and tikanga Maori. The characteristics and progress of their students.

6 Professional Knowledge Appropriate teaching objectives. Appropriate technology and resources. Appropriate learning activities, programmes and assessment. (* In state schools this will be the N.Z. Curriculum requirements )

7 Teaching A satisfactory teacher in practice: Communicates clearly and accurately in either or both of the official languages of N.Z.. Uses a range of teaching approaches. Engages students in learning. Provides feedback to students and assesses learning. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness.

8 Learning Environment This is demonstrated by the environment for learning established and maintained by the teacher and the actual teaching processes used every day. A satisfactory teacher in practice: Creates an environment of respect and understanding. Establishes high expectations which value and promote learning, Manages student learning processes. Manages student behaviour positively. Establishes a safe physical and emotional environment.

9 Professional Relationships These are demonstrated by the positive way in which the teacher sees his or her co-operative role in the learning centre, shares information with colleagues, families, whanau and caregivers, and respects the position of trust and confidentiality he or she has. A satisfactory teacher in developing relationships: Reflects on teaching with a view to improvement. Maintains accurate records. Communicates with families, whanau and caregivers. Contributes to the life of the learning centre. Develops professionally. Maintains confidentiality, trust and respect.

10 Professional Leadership All teachers display leadership in some aspects of their work. The context in which leadership is displayed will vary according to the position. A teacher with senior responsibilities will have developed all the dimensions of being a teacher to high levels and will be respected for his or her educational expertise and innovation. A satisfactory teacher in showing leadership: Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability Focuses on teaching and learning Leads and supports other teachers

11 Professional Leadership Displays ethical behaviour and responsibility Recognises and supports diversity among groups and individuals Encourages others and participates in professional development Manages resources safely and effectively

12 PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES - Classroom teachers COMMENTS STRENGTHS / AREAS TO WORK ON Professional Knowledge - are competent in relevant curricula; demonstrate a sound knowledge of current learning and assessment theory; demonstrate a sound knowledge of current issues and initiatives in education, including Maori education Professional Development - demonstrate a commitment to their own ongoing learning; participate individually and collaboratively in professional development activities; continue to develop understandings of the Treaty of Waitangi Teaching Techniques - plan and use appropriate teaching programmes, strategies, learning activities and assessments; demonstrate flexibility in a range of effective teaching techniques; make use of appropriate technologies and resources; impart subject content effectively; evaluate and reflect on teaching techniques and strategies with a view to improvement Student management - manage student behaviour effectively; establish constructive relationships with students; be responsive to individual student needs; develop and maintain a positive and safe physical and emotional environment; create an environment which encourages respect and understanding; maintain a purposeful working environment Motivation of Students -engage students positively in learning; establish expectations which value and promote learning Te Reo me ona Tikanga - continue to develop understanding and skills in the appropriate usage and accurate pronunciation of Te Reo Maori; demonstrate an understanding of basic Maori protocols when opportunities arise Effective Communication - communicate clearly and effectively in either or both of the official languages of New Zealand; provide appropriate feedback to students; communicate effectively with families, whanau and caregivers; share information with colleagues Support for and Co-operation with Colleagues - maintain effective working relationships with colleagues; support and provide assistance to colleagues in improving teaching and learning Contribution to Wider School activities -contribute positively to the life of the school and its community PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS Name: Year: 2009

13 Salary Scales StepRates effective1 July 2009 1$30,000 2$31,305 3$33,914 4$36,523 5$40,434 6$44,348 7$45,653 8$47,610 9$50,217 10$54,132 11$58,044 12$63,392 13$65,609 14$68,980

14 Promotion TIC (Teacher in Charge) HOD (Head of Department) HOF (Head of Faculty) AP (Assistant Principal) DP (Deputy Principal) Principal

15 Issues

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