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The life of Molly and Chocolate

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1 The life of Molly and Chocolate

2 This is chocolate she is the smaller of the calves a Friesian heifer, she has a distinctive white love heart on her forehead, at the beginning of her visit she weighed 33 kilos and by the end she was at a healthy weight of 50 kilos. We fed her with Norcovite milk powder twice a day.


4 This is Molly she is the bigger of the two calves a Friesian heifer, she has snow white fur legs, at the beginning of her visit she weighed 32 kilos and by the end she weighed a healthy weight of 43 kilos, 7 kilos lighter than Chocolate, we also fed her with Norcovite milk powder twice a day.


6 Norcovite Milk Making Procedure
For 2 calves In a bucket, place 250g of Norcovite Milk Powder Put 5 litres of water to the boil Add the boiled water to the powder and mix together thoroughly Add some cold water to cool the boiling milk Fill both feeding bottles evenly Making sure after the feeding process has been completed the bottles are washed and sterilised This procedure should be repeated twice daily

7 This is our weighing system and scales that are placed under the crate to give and accurate weight for each cow. The cows were weighed once each week for 4 weeks to make sure they were maintaining healthy weights.

8 Housing Area For most of their stay Chocolate and Molly stayed in a little confined space where they were fed ,weighed and slept, on rare occasions they were let out onto the grass to have a run around and explore

9 Good Times

10 Facts about Cows The average cow's temperature is degrees Fahrenheit. A cow can't vomit. Her intestines can get up to 170 feet. Her liver weighs 10 to 12 pounds, and the kidney's average 20 pounds each. On the top front of their mouths, cows have a tough pad of skin instead of teeth. Cows have a total of 32 teeth Cows live to on average 6 to 7 years. Cows give 60 lb. of milk a day. A cow spends 13 hours a day lying down and up to 8 hours a day eating. A cow is full grown at three years old, and produces milk at two years old.


12 Careers in the dairy industry
Food Processing and Manufacturing  Packaging and Handling  Distribution and Retailing Market Research Product Development Food Quality Management Dairy Farm Management Nutraceuticals Transport, Storage and Distribution Support Services Laboratory Testing and Quality Control Factory Processing

13 Personal Comment Jacob
During the time caring for the calves I enjoyed feeding and weighing them. The calves' growth through the month amazed me to see how much it grew during the month. I loved having them here.

14 Personal Comment Chloe
Throughout the 4 weeks that we looked after the two calves I thoroughly enjoyed taking care of and feeding the animals. They were very interesting to me and as I live a city type place I have never related to farm animals because I have only had a dog and the two animals are very different to each other. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

15 Personal Comment Julian
I really enjoyed interacting with the calves and feeding them. I really enjoyed the experience of weighing them, this was a fantastic experience (except for the leavings!)

16 What We learnt ~ How to mix up Palastart and make it into milk
~ How to feed the calves ~How to weigh the calves ~ How to care and respect animals ~ Understanding of their behaviours ~ Their likes and dislikes ~ How to take care of them

17 Made By Chloe Daly, Jacob Coiacetto and Julian Price

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