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Unit4 Wild animals Reading By Guo Xiaoyue.

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1 Unit4 Wild animals Reading By Guo Xiaoyue


3 A riddle They are beautiful black and white animals .They look like bears. They live only in China . Their favourite food is bamboo shoots and leaves . Their greatest hope is to take a colour photo. Who are they?

4 Wild animals giant panda

5 Write something down about pandas
Appearance: Ability: Favourite food: The best place they live in: Problems: Fat but lovely, black eyes, black and white fur Can climb trees Bamboo shoots and leaves, water In the wild / forests It’s difficult for them to live in the wild. Getting smaller and smaller

6 1. take actions We should take actions to help people in need. 2. protect It’s time for us to take actions to protect our nature. 3. survive You can’t survive without water.

7 4. kill --- for--- Hunters often kill tigers for their fur. 5. reserve We need more reserves for wild animals. 6. encourage sb to do sth Our teachers encourage us to study hard every day.

8 Read the text

9 Read and true or false F F T T F T The growth of Xi Wang
( ) 1 When the writer saw Xi Wang, she weighed only 10 kilograms. ( ) 2 When she went outside for the first time, she started to eat bamboo shoots and leaves. ( ) 3 Eight months later, she weighed 35 kilograms. ( ) 4 Xi Wang drank her mother’s milk for up to 14 hours a day at the beginning. ( ) 5 Farmers kill giant pandas for their fur. ( ) 6 Making bigger reserves for giant pandas will help to protect them. F The growth of Xi Wang F T T F The problems that Xi Wang meets T The ways to protect giant pandas

10 The growth of Xi Wang the weight of Xi Wang the things she eats

11 The weight of Xi Wang When she was born, she weighed just . 100 grams
At four months, she weighed about 10 kilograms Eight months later, She weighed 35 kilograms

12 Things she eats At the very beginning, Xi Wang
drank her mother’s for up to a day. milk 14 hours When she was six months old, she started to eat , and bamboo shoots leaves

13 1. At birth, how much did it weigh?
Read the growth of Xi Wang and answer the questions: 1. At birth, how much did it weigh? 2. What did she look like when she was 10 days old? 3. When she was 4 monthe old, how heavy was she? 4. When did she start to eat bamboo shoots and leaves? 5. How heavy was she when she was one year old? 6.At 20 months old,what did she have to do? Why?

14 Giant pandas‘ problems
Hunters catch them for their fur cut down forests and the pandas have to live. Farmers nowhere People take baby pandas if they are left alone. away

15 What can we do to protect giant pandas that we can know from the text?
1.We must _______________________________ 2.We must _______________________________ 3.We must________________________________ ________________________________ make giant panda reserves bigger . build more reserves. encourage farmers to leave the giant panda reserves.

16 Do some exercises

17 The growth of Xi Wang 1 day e 10 days c 4 months b 6 months d
a She started to look after herself. b She was about 10 kilograms and started to go outside her home. c She looked like a white mouse. d She began to eat bamboo shoots and leaves. e She weighed 100 grams. f She weighed 35 kilograms. 12 months f 20 months a

18 How to protect giant pandas
danger fur helpful reserves survive wild Giant pandas are in we must help them Hunters should not kill giant pandas for their Farmers should not work in giant panda People should not take baby pandas away if they find them on their own. This is not _____ because baby pandas need to stay in the _____ with their months. survive danger fur reserves helpful wild

19 Summary: What’s the purpose (目的)of this passage?
Take actions to protect giant pandas. Take actions to protect more wild animals.

20 Discussion What other problems will the giant pandas have? What actions can we take?

21 Homework: 1. Finish exercises on p61-62.
2.Write a passage about giant panda.

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