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UQ A BROAD Next Steps. T HE UQ A BROAD TEAM Jan McCreary - Manager Caroline Thompson - Team leader, Europe, Latin America Katie Smith - Canada and USA.

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1 UQ A BROAD Next Steps

2 T HE UQ A BROAD TEAM Jan McCreary - Manager Caroline Thompson - Team leader, Europe, Latin America Katie Smith - Canada and USA Weiya Huang - Asia, Scandinavia Irene Hui - UK, Ireland, NZ, South Africa, Israel


4 C OMMUNICATION WITH UQ A BROAD Write to relevant adviser through UQ email – check it frequently Subject line Subject of inquiry / HOST UNI / Student # / LAST NAME First name Leaving phone messages – be clear Please do not communicate directly with Host University at this time Join UQ Abroad’s Facebook

5 D OCUMENTS RELATED TO E XCHANGE Get a document wallet Make a copy of everything you submit related to your exchange a keep a copy in your wallet or electronically UQ Abroad cannot provide copies of previously submitted documents (eg, study plans)

6 S OME STATS FOR S EMESTER 1, 2015 Almost 400 students have applied Europe & Scandinavia – 36% US & Canada - 23% UK & Ireland - 23% Asia - 15% Latin America – 3% Most popular partners 1.Edinburgh 2.Uni Leeds 3.Sciences Po 4.University of Copenhagen 5.McGill

7 APPLICATION PROCESS STEP 1 – APPLY TO UQ ABROAD Confirm your eligibility for the UQ Abroad program # units completed GPA in current program Progress (or Graduation) check Choose and research three possible exchange partners Check course available Semester of available courses Course level (undergrad/postgrad) Language of instruction Complete the application form Step 1) Submit to UQ Abroad by May 31 with a copy of your study plan Step 2) submit study plan to faculty by May 31 UQ Abroad assesses your application GPA calculated once semester exam results are available Application assessed against eligibility criteria UQ Abroad notifies you of application status If awaiting deferred exams, expect this step to be delayed.

8 APPLICATION PROCESS STEP 2 – APPLY TO THE HOST UNIVERSITY Accepted into UQ Abroad program You have met the eligibility criteria UQ Abroad has received your approved study plan Nominated to Host University UQ Abroad will nominate you to the host university Contacted by your Advisor with application instructions Follow the instructions provided in the email Submit documents to UQ Abroad or online (depending on application) Host university notifies you of application status If applying to a multiple campus university please expect this process may be delayed Prepare for departure Book flights Finalise visa Confirm accommodation Attend a pre- departure session

9 N EXT STEP : UQ A BROAD APPLICATION ASSESSMENT 1. Applications assessed according to eligibility criteria once grades have been released 2. Host university placements based on first preference Number of places available Cumulative GPA in current program Prior UQ Abroad experience 3. Students notified by end of July (except those with deferred/supplementary exams) or applying to a popular host uni with other applicants having deferred or supplementary exams 4. UQ Abroad to notify faculties and request study plans

10 C AN I CHANGE MY FIRST PREFERENCE AT THIS TIME ? NO, unless.... You want a guaranteed travel grant of $1000: KAIST, Korea University, Seoul National University National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University You have concerns about prior convictions (eg DUI) – make appointment to discuss with UQ Abroad Change must be made in writing prior to July 4, 2014.

11 W HAT IF I DON ’ T GET MY 1 ST PREFERENCE ? You will be considered for your 2 nd preference and, if necessary your 3 rd preference If all three preferences are full, you will be contacted to discuss your options Once you have been told by UQ Abroad which host university you will be nominated for, you will need to submit a new study plan to your faculty if not your first preference

12 N EXT STEP : A PPLICATION TO H OST U NIVERSITY Due dates vary Late-July (UC) – October Adviser will contact you regarding the application process (‘It’s time to apply’ email) Please do not start the process until advised

13 S TUDENTS APPLYING TO THE USA Stay for 15 minutes at end of session for more information

14 S TUDENTS APPLYING TO JAPAN... Must show continuous enrolment at UQ Cannot defer their studies the semester prior to going on exchange

15 S UPPORTING D OCUMENTS Official UQ transcript (apply through My Advisor) - wait until after you have received a “Time to Apply” email to order as some universities will need to see what courses students have enrolled in in the semester immediately before exchange Proof of Finances Either at time of application Others – usually at time of student visa application Personal statement Focus on academic reasons for studying at host university Valid passport

16 S UPPORTING D OCUMENTS Letters of reference Usually needs to be academic unless otherwise stated Ask your Lecturers or tutors If you need further guidance, contact UQ Abroad CV/Resume If you do not know how to write a CV/resume, contact UQ Abroad Medical check Mainly Asia and US partners You will be advised as to the requirements May need to prove childhood immunisations (esp. for the US)

17 A CCOMMODATION Host universities are required to provide information about housing options. This information may be provided as part of host university application or once you have been accepted. But you are responsible for securing accommodation for the duration of your exchange. Arranging accommodation can be very stressful so research your options early. Read testimonials from returned students for advice Write to students on Facebook for advice Make sure that you have arranged temporary accommodation if you are going to look for your own accommodation or if you plan on arriving too early to move into university arranged accommodation. Accommodation can be very limited in some cities. You will need to be flexible with your requirements and your price range.

18 S ELECTING COURSES AT THE HOST UNIVERSITY No guarantee that courses pre-approved by your faculty will be available. May have to select new courses Flexibility is key! Must be enrolled in equivalent full time load/semester UQ = 8 units (usually 4 courses) US/Canadian unis – 15 credits (usually 5 courses) UK – 60 credits (3-6 courses) Europe – 30 ECTS (2-8 courses) Japan – 8-14 credits (8-10 courses)

19 N EXT STEP : H OST UNIVERSITY ACCEPTANCE Response time from host university varies UQ Abroad has no control over host university processes

20 V ERY I MPORTANT ! Do not plan any travel or short courses prior to your exchange until you have received your acceptance and finalised your student visa!

21 W HAT IF I DON ’ T GET ACCEPTED ? UQ Abroad tries to identify any issues prior to host university application No guarantees UQ Abroad will try to get you a place, but flexibility is essential.

22 N EXT STEP : F UNDING YOUR EXCHANGE All students who submitted applications on time are automatically considered for all UQ Abroad administered scholarships Scholarships offered by School of Economics, Engineering, LCCS – students must apply Scholarships – notification end of September/early October List of scholarships available GPA Cumulative GPA in currently enrolled program Includes grades from courses transferred from previously enrolled programs

23 N EXT STEP : F UNDING YOUR EXCHANGE Centrelink Payments can continue while on exchange but you need to check eligibility requirements Rules on receiving payment while overseas have recently changed. All payments now stopped if study is not resumed within 6 weeks of leaving the country Centrelink requires written confirmation from UQ that you are enrolled in a full time study load at the host institution. We will provide you with this letter once you're accepted by your host university. Sort this out BEFORE going on exchange

24 F UNDING YOUR EXCHANGE : OS-HELP Students may receive up to $6,250 per six-month study period (in 2014) for one or two overseas study periods (for non-Asian destinations) For Asian destinations the maximum is $7500 per 6-month period. A student must be an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa; Students cannot receive an OS-HELP loan for the first year (equivalent full-time). The loan is subject to the same repayment arrangements as HECS. If you are unsure whether you will need the loan, apply – you can always withdraw your application. You can receive a scholarship and a loan.

25 F UNDING YOUR EXCHANGE : OS-HELP Students must have at least 2 units to complete on return to UQ OS-HELP and Diplomas Can receive credit towards Diplomas while on exchange and receive an OS-HELP loan For more information: Apply through UQ Abroad office. Deadline September 15, 2014

26 N EXT STEP : G ETTING READY TO GO Meet and greets Held early in the semester Get to know other students going to your region Meet returned students and international exchange students Brisbane-wide pre-departure sessions run by Canadian High Commission and US Consulate for students going to Canada and the US – check your emails for invitation! Mandatory UQ Abroad pre-departure session held in November

27 N EXT STEP : G ETTING READY TO GO Student Visa requirements Your responsibility to investigate whether you require a visa and the requirements for obtaining a visa. See links on UQ Abroad website (Country). Acceptance letter required from host university before you can apply but you can start doing the research NOW! You may require: To go to Sydney for an interview To provide a police check To provide proof of insurance To provide proof of accommodation Ask the relevant consulate or embassy, not UQ Abroad. Travel agents may provide assistance for a small fee. Convictions – eg, DUI – may affect your student visa Getting a visa takes time (can take up to 90 days!) Do not leave it until the last minute!

28 N EXT STEP : G ETTING READY TO GO Passport Must have at least 6 month validity after your return to Australia If not, apply for a new passport Travel insurance Covered by UQ’s corporate insurance - limitations Some host universities have mandatory policies. Host university requirements re insurance are subject to change without notice.

29 T RAVELLING BEFORE YOUR EXCHANGE Primary purpose of UQ Abroad is STUDY! UQ Abroad does not recommend that you travel or take a short term course prior to receiving your acceptance documents and visa. UQ Abroad has no control over the response time of the host university or the time it will take to process your student visa. Do not plan to travel before going on exchange unless you have received your university acceptance and student visa. Do not purchase air tickets unless deposit is refundable

30 G OING ON EXCHANGE IN YOUR LAST SEMESTER Will probably delay your graduation by one semester Host university must send transcript Faculty has to transfer credit Official confirmation of your degree Graduation takes place only twice a year

31 W ITHDRAWING FROM EXCHANGE Can withdraw if there are changes to your circumstances No penalty (UQ Abroad); BUT host university may not refund any deposits for accommodation or Orientation fee If you decide to withdraw, please do so early so that your place can be allocated to another student. Let us know in writing We are here to help – contact us if you have any concerns Do not leave your withdrawal to the last minute!

32 I NTERNATIONAL STUDENTS : P OST - STUDY WORK RIGHTS Current eligibility requirements stipulate that students “cannot count any studies outside Australia towards the Australian study requirement. The only courses you can count towards the Australian study requirement are those that are completed in Australia.” Therefore, if you are enrolled in a 4-semester post-graduate degree at UQ and wish to study overseas for one semester, you will not meet the eligibility requirements for a Post-Study Work Rights visa. Further information on eligibility requirements for the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa is available on the Department’s website.eligibility requirements

33 F IND OUT MORE ABOUT GOING ON EXCHANGE ! Read student testimonials Contact returned students Become a UQ Abroad friend on Facebook Join QUEST Research the place you are going to on exchange

34 B E A CAMPUS GUIDE FOR IN - COMING EXCHANGE STUDENTS Tuesday 22 July, 2014 An opportunity to meet students from the university you may be going to on exchange Watch your UQ email for more information

35 F INAL WORDS OF A DVICE Print out check list from UQ Abroad home page Take responsibility Be patient Ask for help


37 USA S PECIFIC : DEADLINES Late July deadline University of California – no deferred exams University of Wisconsin-Madison (non-Engineering) If you plan to travel over the break, it is strongly recommended that you organise a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf Late applications not accepted Read your emails!

38 USA SPECIFIC : A PPLICATION DOCUMENTS Application may take time to complete because of the supporting documents required. Don’t leave it until the last minute! Proof of finances (liquid funds) Required at time of host application Original documents only US university indicates how much you will need for the semester (between US$6,000-$12,000). Verification of funds as a self-supported student Official bank statement- signed and dated by bank Sponsored or supported by your family Certificate of financial support signed by sponsor Recent bank statement showing sponsor’s name

39 S TUDENT VISA Notification of acceptance usually in November/December DS-2019 form (required for student visa) may arrive later – we have no control over when it arrives! Visa process: After you have received both the acceptance letter and the DS-2019 form, you can make an appointment for your visa interview in Sydney at US Consulate Convictions/ arrests may affect student visa Don’t book flights to Sydney until you have received the DS-2019 form and have booked a time for your interview Cannot enter the US earlier than 30 days prior to date on DS-2019 form

40 I NSURANCE AT US U NIVERSITIES International exchange students are required to purchase and maintain health insurance that meets or exceeds the limits required by the host university they will be attending. Universities throughout the United States have different requirements and some institutions require exchange students to purchase the insurance offered by them regardless of what insurance students may already have. For specific insurance requirements for a particular host university, visit their webpage for international students. Please note: 2014/15 costs for health insurance at partners in the US vary between USD$450-$1800 per semester. Please refer to web page of your host institution on the UQ Abroad website.

41 USA SPECIFIC : PRE - REQUISITES Higher level UG courses require pre-requisites and the student must show proof of completion of pre-requsites Especially stringent for UC students xchanges/Prerequisites.pdf If you do not meet these pre-requisites, you will need to change your 1 st preference university

42 USA-S PECIFIC : H OST UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS Minimum GPA Some institutions require a minimum GPA of 5.0 to be considered GPA required to be offered a place maybe much higher due to limited places 2 nd or 3 rd preferences or other option will be discussed with you Restricted programs Some disciplines require maximum flexibility due to ‘impacted’ majors You may not be able to enrol in a full semester of your major or an alternative (more appropriate) host university may be offered

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