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What is PharmCAS? by Teresa and Eman, 5.29.13. So what is it? It is the Pharmacy College Application Service An online service that almost all pharmacy.

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1 What is PharmCAS? by Teresa and Eman, 5.29.13

2 So what is it? It is the Pharmacy College Application Service An online service that almost all pharmacy schools require for applicants to use, for submitting pharmacy school applications Very similar to the “common app” you used to apply to UCI and other UC schools.

3 “almost all” Pharmacy Schools require PharmCAS? Yes. There are about 129 pharmacy school in the US, only 19 don’t use PharmCAS: CALIFORNIA Schools: ALL 8 OF THEM Participating Schools: ols/schoolpagesPARTinstitution.htm

4 General Process for applying to Pharm School 1. Complete all required pre-requisites, and meet a school’s GPA requirements. 2. COMPLETE and submit PHARMCAS. 3. Complete the supplemental application, once your pharmacy school invites you to complete it.

5 Why is PharmCAS kind of nice? Applying to pharmacy school in the ancient times required MAILING: Each individual transcript from previous schools Letters of Rec PCAT scores Personal Statement, and other applicant info TO EACH PHARMACY SCHOOL YOU APPLIED TO! Can you say, “hassle…”

6 Why is PharmCAS kind of nice? NOW you can combine all your info into ONE APP and simply choose all the Pharmacy Schools you would like apply to straight from the PharmCAS website. NO MAILING required. Kind of nice.


8 Disclaimer PharmCAS changes every year! So, let’s get to it.

9 PharmCAS General Anatomy Applicant Information Academic History Transcripts Additional Information (all experience) Personal Essay References and Letters of Recommendation Pharmacy Designations


11 Applicant Information Short Bio, Background, Address, Phone Number, Parent or guardian info… Self-explanatory…

12 Academic History Secondary (High) School PCAT, AP, and IB scores Colleges previously and currently attended Coursework (Completed, In Progress, and Planned) from U.S. colleges including Study Abroad Academic update

13 Transcripts Submit 1 transcript from each college attended U.S. Transcripts Foreign Transcripts

14 Additional Information Extracurricular Work Experience Professional Licenses and Certifications Honors and Scholarships Publications

15 Personal Essay PROMPT: Your Personal Essay should address why you selected pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. The personal essay is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas. 1 page limit (4500 characters including spaces)

16 Letters of Recommendation Enter up to 4 evaluators Evaluators can submit electronic letters of rec or paper references to PharmCAS PharmCAS will forward your references to all of your designated pharmacy schools, regardless of the school’s preference **CAUTION: Some pharmacy schools require references to be sent directly to them.

17 Pharmacy Designations Select which pharmacy schools you are applying to Option to be an Early Decision applicant ED deadline: September 4, 2012 May select additional pharmacy schools after you submit your PharmCAS application Pay appropriate fee for each additional school selected Can’t apply to a particular school after deadline date has passed

18 E-Submission & Payment PharmCAS application fees are non-refundable

19 Processing Your Application PharmCAS verifies all of your courses after they receive ALL of your transcripts, completed application, and fee Calculates your GPA in semester-based 4.0 grading scale GPA calculations for: Science, Non- Science, Math, Undergraduate Cumulative PharmCAS GPA available within 4 weeks from the date you e-submit your app, transcripts have been received, and payment received

20 Re-Applicant Option If you’d applied before, you can reuse your old application, BUT you: CANNOT change your past volunteer, work, and coursework CAN only submit new personal statement and letters of Rec

21 Common Mistakes Spelling errors Entering incorrect grades NOT LISTING ALL COURSEWORK Submitting PharmCAS too early or too late Not remembering what was inputted, then going to an Interview

22 Common Problems Delays in references, transcripts, and PCAT Different school requirements and deadlines Submitting too close to the deadline, and then rushing the supplemental app PharmCAS has a 2-6 week processing time

23 Important DATES from 2012-2013 June, 2012: PharmCAS opens July, 2012: PCAT Examinations July 20, 2012: Regular Registration Deadline for September PCAT Exams September, 2012: PCAT Examinations November 1, 2012: 1 st Regular institutional application deadline (ALL CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS). Fees, Letters of Rec, Transcripts are due in the PharmCAS office. Supplemental Application deadlines will vary, so please check with the school.

24 Important DATES from 2012-2013 Also check:

25 PharmCAS will open sometime Early June. Check the PharmCAS website from time to time next month to see if its open Do what you can already Start that Personal Statement! Don’t forget about ROLLING ADMISSIONS, which means that the earlier you apply, the better chances you have for getting an interview. NOT ALL pharmacy schools have rolling admissions, but most do. So just because the deadline is Nov. 1 st for CA schools, don’t wait that late!

26 Just… Start Early and GOOD LUCK! =D

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