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St Joseph’s Primary School, Mount Isa 2012 Teachers: Miss Olivia Cillekens Ms Cindy Wooldridge.

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1 St Joseph’s Primary School, Mount Isa 2012 Teachers: Miss Olivia Cillekens Ms Cindy Wooldridge

2 24 Things To Remember To Tell A Child By Colin McCarty Your presence is a present to the world You’re unique and one of a kind Your life can be what you want it to be Take the days one at a time Count your blessings not your troubles You will make it through whatever comes along Within you are so many answers Understand, have courage, be strong Don’t put limits on yourself So many dreams are waiting to be realised Decisions are too important to leave to chance Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize Nothing wastes more energy than worrying

3 24 Things To Remember To Tell A Child cont… By Colin McCarty The longer you carry a problem the heavier it gets Don’t take things too seriously Live a life of happiness, not a life of regrets Remember that a little love goes a long way… Remember that a lot… Goes forever Remember friendship is a wise investment Life’s treasures are people not possessions Realise that it is never too late Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way Have health and hope and happiness Take time to wish upon a star And don’t ever forget… For even a day…How very special you are.

4 Religious Education Each term the students will learn about a different aspect of the Catholic faith: Term 1 – Christian Beliefs and Teachings Term 2 – Expression of Prayers and Ritual Term 3 – People of Justice Term 4 – Bible Tools Daily prayer and meditation Beginning of Year and End of Year Mass Other special Mass’ and Liturgies throughout the year Liturgy on Friday’s Assembly: 5C– 9 th March 5W – 23 rd March

5 SOSE Unit Overviews Term 1: “Geography of our Planet” Term 2: “Cultures of our World” Term 3: “Protecting and Respecting” Term 4: “Our Leaders” (Mayors, Cultural Leaders, State Leaders)

6 Science Unit Overviews PRIMARY CONNECTIONS Term 1: Light Fantastic Term 2: Earth’s Place in Space Term 3: Desert Survivors Term 4: Solids, liquids and Gasses

7 Literacy Phonics – Based on the THRASS program, teaching children to make correct spelling choices Spelling program derived from THRASS chart, Sound Waves, theme words and Year 5 core words. Daily literacy rotations which focus on a THRASS and spelling activity, demand writing, grammar, reading comprehension and guided reading. Throughout the year students will learn a number of text types. – Factual, persuasive, descriptive, etc.

8 Mathematics The ‘iMaths’ program will be implemented in conjunction with material from other programs Math sessions includes Mental Math/Algorithm practice, Lesson focus and Math Rotations The ‘Tracker book’ and Student Investigations will be the major source of assessment material Number and Algebra: Number concepts, patterns and functions, equivalents and equations. Measurement and Geometry: Length, mass, area and volume, time, shape and line, direction and movement. Statistics and Probability: Graphing, judgements, data collection, and variations.

9 Other Subjects Tuesday: - Music taught by Mrs Freeman - Physical Education taught by Miss Marshall (children are to wear sports uniform this day) - Library Borrowing- bring library bag and books Thursday: - Cultural Studies taught by Mrs Thinee Swimming lessons TBA Health taught by classroom teacher Technology, ICT and The Arts are integrated in major unit themes throughout the year.

10 Homework Homework is set from Monday to Thursday Homework should be around 50 minutes per night, which includes 15 minutes for home reading. Homework includes Math, Literacy, Religion, Current Affairs and other KLA’s We believe that in Year 5 homework is imperative and helps children revise work and develop skills and strategies. If homework is unable to be completed, a note would be appreciated. Term 1 and 2- Homework will also include NAPLAN practice questions, to prepare students for the Year 5 NAPLAN tests. Students’ responsibility: to hand in homework each Friday. Teachers’ responsibility: to mark homework and return it the following Monday.

11 Year 5 Assignments This year the students will be completing one major assignment per term. Each assignment will have an Assignment Requirement Sheet and an Assignment Criteria Sheet. A note will be sent home to all parents regarding information about the assignments, including topics and due dates. Term 1 Assignment: Information Poster Students will choose a continent to study, research the landforms of this continent and report on them in an oral presentation. The rough draft for the Information Poster will be completed in class, however students are allowed to bring in information that they have researched at home. As this is their first major written assignment, the rough draft will be completed in class so the teacher can provide scaffolding and modeling. The final draft can be completed at home, once the rough draft has been corrected by the teacher.

12 Camp Location: Virginia Park Station, Charters Towers Dates: Monday 17 th - Friday 21 st September Cost: TBA Included in the cost of camp will be all accommodation, meals, bus trip and activities Watch for more details to follow throughout the term!

13 Assessment and Reporting Term 1 – Parent /Teacher interview (End of Term) Term 2 – Report card (End of Term) Term 3 – Parent/Teacher interview (Beginning of Term) Term 4 – Report card (End of Term)

14 NAPLAN Testing The national tests will assess student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy. Students will be familiar with the test formats and the type of questions they have to answer, due to inclass preparation. All students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in schools across Australia will be doing the same tests on the same days in May 2012 – 15 th, 16 th and 17 th May. The NAPLAN tests will be held early in Term Two. Students will have their skills assessed in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

15 Behaviour Management Each teacher has a slightly different approach to behaviour management, however, in all cases it is more effective to be positive. Class rules formulated as a class, to give a sense of ownership. Positive behaviour: children receive praise, stickers, lollies/prizes, pat on the backs, free time. Whole school behaviour management: Each class has a red, orange, green behaviour chart which is used as a warning to students displaying inappropriate behaviour. Each student starts in the green section, orange section is a warning, the red section results in time out.

16 General Information Tuesday: Year 5 Music Year 5 Physical Education Year 5 Library Borrowing (bring library bag) Banking Thursday : Cultural Studies Newsletter Friday: Assembly


18 Year 5 Parent Information The door is always open, if you have any questions about anything, please come and speak to us. If you feel it is a matter that may take longer than 5 minutes, please make an appointment to ensure that we can gather all relevant information and we can give you our undivided attention. Miss Olivia Cillekens 5C Ms Cindy-Lou Wooldridge 5W

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