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St Josephs Primary School Mount Isa 2012 Teachers: Mrs Kim Higgs Miss Lauren Nicholas.

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1 St Josephs Primary School Mount Isa 2012 Teachers: Mrs Kim Higgs Miss Lauren Nicholas

2 Yearly Overview Term 1: Are We There Yet? Students will explore the story book Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester. They will investigate each location in Australia visited by the characters in the book. Some concepts covered include map reading, unique features of Australia and how this relates to us an individuals. Term 2: Fairy Tales Students will investigate various fairytales, their make up and construction and apply this information to creating their own fairytales.

3 Yearly Overview cont. Term 3: Discovering the Galaxy Students will research and investigate the planets of the solar system, and how Earth, moon and sun are connected. This leads up to our sleepover camp. Term 4: Celebrations Students learn about Celebrations in our culture, and how other cultures celebrate similar events. Aspects covered include festivals, religious celebrations, sporting events, significant days and how food is incorporated into some of these celebrations.

4 Literacy The Literacy Program has been formulated in accordance with the National Curriculum – English program released early this year. Phonics – based largely on the THRASS and Sound Waves programs and teaches students to make correct spelling choices. Spelling program is derived from THRASS program, Sound Waves spelling, theme words from the integrated units, Year 3 core words as well as individual student writing. Literacy rotations focus on writing tasks, guided reading, spelling, unit-based literacy, and practice for NAPLAN. Throughout each term, students will be learning different text types and their conventions. Term One genres are Recount and Persuasive Text. Speaking and Listening is enhanced by the students participating in Morning Talks later in the year.

5 Mathematics The iMaths program will be implemented in conjunction with material from other programs The iMaths Tracker Book will be one of many sources of assessment material. Problem solving, mental mathematics and open- ended tasks are emphasized this year as students prepare for the National 3/5/7 Testing. The strands of Mathematics are: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability.

6 Religious Education Each term the students will learn about a different aspect of the Catholic faith: Term 1 – Who is the church? Term 2 – Spirituality and Personal Identity Term 3 – Morality Stories and Messages Term 4 – Scripture: Making Meaning Beginning of Year and End of Year Mass Other special Masses and Liturgies throughout the year Daily prayer and Christian Meditation in the classroom Weekly prayer during school assemblies

7 SOSE The Essential Learnings for SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment) will be covered through the following units in each term. These integrated units are; Term One – Are We There Yet? (Australian Landmarks) Term Two – Australia -Symbols and Currency Term Three – Environmental Conservation Term Four – Celebrations

8 Science The Australian Curriculum - Science are covered through the following units in each term. Term One – Feathers, Fur or Leaves Term Two – Melting Moments Term Three – Spinning in Space Term Four – Heating Up

9 Health and Physical Education Physical Education – taught by Miss Marshall Swimming lessons TBA Health taught by classroom teacher: Term 1: Safety – Sun, Road, School Term 2: Making and keeping friends Term 3: Self esteem Term 4:Handling your feelings

10 Cultural Studies Cultural Studies taught by Mrs Thinee Term One – Chinese Term Two – Kalkadoon (local indigenous language) Term Three – Philippines (links with our parish multicultural festival) Term Four – AUSLAN – sign language

11 The Arts Music taught by Mrs Freeman Integrated throughout term units: Media Drama Dance (incorporated in Physical Activity) Visual Arts

12 Technology and ICT Technology: Design, Make, Create and Evaluate. Terms 1 and 3 ICT integrated in the classroom Children can access their MyClasses page at home. Interesting and relevant websites will be available on this page – more information will become available shortly.

13 Homework Students will be given homework each Monday and it will need to be handed in on Friday of the same week. Homework will include Spelling, English, Mathematics and other Key Learning Area topics. If homework is unable to be completed, a note bought in on Friday would be appreciated. If homework is not returned on the Friday, it will not be marked until the following Friday, however, it is important to have your homework book for Monday.

14 Home Readers Students will be given two readers to read at a time. Books will changed on Tuesday by a School Officer. Books are to be bought to school every day for reading practice, and will be returned each afternoon. Parental reading at school will commence as soon possible – keep an eye out for a note home. See your childs teacher if you are able to help.

15 Camp During the Space unit, students will participate in a Space Day which extends to Space Camp at night. This will be held in Term 3 – dates to be confirmed. Students will have the opportunity to star gaze and experience a slide show of pictures and historical moments in space. More details will be sent home in Term 3.

16 Assessment and Reporting Term 1 – Parent /Teacher interview (End of Term) Term 2 – Report card (End of Term) Term 3 – Parent/Teacher interview (Beginning of Term) Term 4 – Report card (End of Term)

17 3, 5, 7 NAPLAN Testing The national tests will assess student achievement in literacy and numeracy. Students will practice the test formats and the type of questions they have to answer before they sit these tests. All students at Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in schools across Australia will be doing the same tests on the same days in 2012. Students will have their skills assessed in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Parents and carers can best assist students by making them feel comfortable and relaxed about the nature and purpose of the tests. They can assure their children that the assessments will give them an opportunity to show what they have been learning.

18 General Information Specialist lessons :- Monday – 3N Library borrowing Wednesday- both classes Music and Cultural Studies Thursday – 3H and 3N PE (sports uniform needed) Fridays –3H Library borrowing

19 General Information cont. Please ensure all notes and money for excursions and performances (etc.) are returned on time to avoid your child missing out. If students forget hats, musical instruments or library bags and wish to call parents, they will be charged for the cost of the call on their school fees. Our door is always open and if you have any questions or concerns, please come and speak to us. If you feel it is a matter that may take longer than 5 minutes, please make an prior appointment to ensure that we can gather all relevant information and we can give you our undivided attention.


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