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Lori Rubinger & Sharon Bishin. Who is Ometz? Why this course?

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1 Lori Rubinger & Sharon Bishin

2 Who is Ometz?

3 Why this course?

4 For many, resume writing is overwhelming

5 Small steps

6 Use resources more effectively

7 There’s not enough time to help everyone…

8 Lends itself to blended learning

9 Use time efficiently

10 Connect online at your convenience

11 Adapt to different learning styles

12 Encourage * identification of strengths * recognizing accomplishments * professional task descriptions * language acquisition

13 10 Key Benefits of the Ometz Online Resume Writing Course 10. Understand the purpose and philosophy of a Resume from the employer’s viewpoint 9. Compile relevant information about themselves, career, education and experience before beginning the writing process 8. Create their Career Summary 7. They choose the best Resume format to represent their skills and experience 6. Understand and build accomplishment statements

14 10 Key Benefits of the Ometz Online Resume Writing Course 5. Are able to identify and include key words from job postings 4. Have access to downloadable and printable Resume samples and resources 3. Gain understanding of tailoring and targeting a Resume to the job 2. Are able to develop their Resume in manageable small bites, rather than feel like they are taking on a stressful enormous task 1. Complete their Resume while watching and listening to the course…really satisfying!

15 See the course:

16 FAQs We write our clients’ resumes; how can this be helpful? We feel our clients need one-on-one or a workshop Can this course be tailored to our organization? What is the price? What if we don’t need 500 codes? How can I see the course in full?

17 Testimonials “Useful, practical, user-friendly” “Very informative and practical. It was eye-opening for me” “Very well organized, clear and extremely practical” “Great examples and tools, useful to go back to sections as we wish” “Just great!” “The course offers valuable information” “A clear must. It is important to understand the CV standards, especially from one culture to another” “Very useful; anyone who is seeking a job should take the online course and then come to the review session” “Great online resource” “This online webinar gave me key info and practical tools to write my CV” “Very good tool. I'm glad we have 6 months to go back and review sections again”

18 Thank you!

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