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Everything Your IT Team Stephen Vince Hugh

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1 Everything IT @MSL

2 Your IT Team Stephen Vince Hugh

3 Overview Available IT Services Collaborative Tools Social Networking at MSL Your Feedback

4 Available IT Services Device Support Account Support Network Websites

5 Device & Software Support Devices (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phone, and Printers) Software Installation and Licensing Printers & Photocopiers Computer Purchasing and Repairs

6 Account Support Campus Wide Login (CWL) Email (Alumni & FASMail) Warehouse Account CrashPlan Backup Account Software Registration Websites

7 Network Access Wired Network Requires Registration Use the Green Ports Wireless Network UBCSECURE UBCVisitor EDUROAM Network Firewall

8 Websites - Departmental Personal Profiles Faculty Profiles News & Event Calendar Research Support Internal Forms and Contacts Room & Equipment Bookings Chemical & Equipment Inventory Health & Safety

9 Websites – Lab & Special Sites Individual Lab Websites: 11 Lab Websites Specialty Websites: 16 Specialty Websites

10 Warehouse 150GB / User Support SFTP and Windows File Sharing Nightly & Weekly Tape Backup (1 month retention) Sophos Anti-virus Scanned Personal and Lab Folders Getting Old (2006) – Retirement?

11 CrashPlan Backup Supports Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and Solaris 100% automated backups to server within SPPH 448-bit Encrypted and Password Protected Backups Self-manage backups where you control your own backups and restores Web, iOS, and Android Apps to restore files Backup limit 150GB per individual *

12 What is coming Better Collaboration Tools Social Media and Research Updated Departmental Website Bring the events, news, and highlights back Backup Server for Instruments EAD Integration (CWL) HD Video Conferencing Improved Asset Tracking & Inventory

13 Collaborative Tools WarehouseCollabUBC Home DriveDropboxGoogle Drive SkyDrive Storage150GB 20GB2GB F15GB7GB Collaboration ToolsNoYesNo Yes Google Docs Yes Office365 Public LinksNoYesNoYes Web SupportNoYesNoYes Desktop Folder SyncNoSoonNoYes Mobile SupportNoYesNoYes

14 Collaborative Tools New Collab Server (beta testing now) Web Interface for downloads and uploads Cross Platform (Windows, MacOSX, and Linux) Mobile Support (iOS and Android) Lab and Project Spaces Public Link Sharing Meta Data and Search Document Viewing within Browser Works with your existing CWL/EAD account

15 Social Media and Research Why use social media such as Twitter? Easy, quick collaboration with fellow colleagues Powerful news aggregator Dialogue with others at conference Create professional networks / Develop personal identity Social Media use predicts and increases citations of papers

16 Social Networking at MSL Twitter @ubcmsl #ubcmsl Follow Us Building Notices Events News Seminars

17 Website Facelift

18 Your Feedback? What is good? What is bad? What is missing?

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