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Technology & You! Download this PowerPoint at:

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1 Technology & You! Download this PowerPoint at:

2 Todays Topics Connecting to the UF Network GatorLink Account Management Your Computing Services & Resources Unbelievably CHEAP laptop services and software sales!

3 Connecting to the UF Network Peer2Peer Software & Activity is FORBIDDEN on ANY UF Network Types of connections: Wired vs. Wireless Wired: Requires Ethernet Cable Wireless o 1st time set up by connecting to ufinfo and running auto- configuration at o Every other time connect to uf wireless

4 UF Wireless Experience Connecting to uf wireless requires compliance with Network Access Control (NAC) system. o Checks that your computer meets minimum system requirements for connection o Checks for system updates and up-to-date malware detection software If not up-to-date, the NAC will restrict network access Only resources needed for updates will be accessible until network requirements are met If you change your GatorLink password, then the auto- configuration will need to be re-run.

5 UF Wireless Experience 1st time access:

6 GatorLink Account Management Store a strong password hint. NEVER share your password!

7 Be Aware! The Help Desk will NEVER send an email asking for you to validate your account and/or confirm your password. If you receive a suspicious or strange email from UF, call the Help Desk at (352)392-HELP(4357) to validate the message. Find more information at: http://security.ufl.edu

8 Student E-Mail in the Cloud 50GB of Email Storage Office Online Access OneDrive @ University of Florida Access Access from Web & Mobile Devices Find more features and information at

9 Computing Services & Resources E-Learning and other UF Sites o Supported browsers vary by UF websites o Help Desk has a list on our wiki o Computing Labs and Printing Services o o Print in any lab with your laptop or mobile device!

10 Software and Computing Resources Secunia (Windows only) Statistical Media o SPSS o SAS o AMOS – cloud based software access File-Express Drop-Box Type Service Front Door (Laptop Protection) And more!

11 Laptop and Mobile Device Support Laptop Appointments or Drop-Off service o Fees as little as $15 and usually not more than $50! Laptop Appointments o Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 to 6:30 Saturday – Sunday: 12-4 Laptop Drop-Off o Hours: Monday – Friday: 8-5pm

12 UF Mobile App Available for iOS and Android through the app stores. o Search for University of Florida Allows you to access UF websites on the go. Can also visit:

13 Getting Help Where do students go for help? o UF Computing Help Desk o Phone: (352) 392 – HELP (4357) o Email: o Web: o In person: HUB 132 Add us as a contact on your phone!

14 Technology and You! Preview 2014 Download this PowerPoint at: Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

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