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2 You Can Do It Here! Collaborate Innovate Discover 2
Natural Resources Canada is looking for talented and motivated professionals to join the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP). Do you : Want to make a difference? Have a keen interest in public policy or economics? Thrive for teamwork? Strive for excellence? You Can Do It Here! 2

3 What Managers are Saying
What We Offer What is PARDP? Location, location, location! Program Highlights What Participants are Saying Program Requirements How to Apply What Managers are Saying 3

4 What is PARDP? The Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) is NRCan’s signature accelerated development program for policy analysts and economists; Network of Masters and Ph.D. graduates who share a strong interest in public policy and strengthen NRCan's policy leadership capacity; Program participants learn how to effectively manage their careers and develop skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in natural resources policy. 4

5 Program Highlights 3 Rotational assignments with different NRCan sectors which allow participants to: Aquire diverse career experiences Gain a greater breadth of knowledge about how NRCan works Make informed decisions about individual career paths within NRCan Accelerated development: On-boarding at the EC-02 level Graduation at the EC-05* level *Recruits must meet all program requirements to advance and graduate from the program 5

6 Program Highlights (cont.)
Continuous support and opportunities for professional development: Specialized on-boarding program for participants; Involved performance management; Mentoring opportunities; Complete competency map with supporting learning curriculum. Official language training opportunities Professional development Strong professional and social networks 6

Ron Dauphinee, PARDP Graduate – Energy Sector PARDP is a program that is full of opportunity. Over the last two years, I have been privileged to be able to pursue challenging and meaningful projects that have been of great interest to me, and of clear benefit to Canadians, all while accelerating my career with several substantive promotions . Additionally, from Day 1, I have had access to a large and welcoming network of colleagues, who were keen to help me settle into my new career and life in the National Capital. My favourite part of Natural Resources Canada though is the willingness of our scientists to share their work and enthusiasm with anyone who is interested. To date, I have had the pleasure of visiting two of NRCan’s labs, including the AECL nuclear laboratories in Chalk River, a tour that was of great personal interest to me! 7

8 Marissa Bender PARDP Graduate – Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Restructuring I’ve been given tremendous opportunities within the PARDP – from holding the pen for departmental policy, to chairing interdepartmental working groups, to many tasks in between… when I was able to demonstrate competence in a task, I was given greater responsibility and a chance to challenge and prove myself once more. The one-year rotational assignments have enabled me to develop expertise in specific areas, but also allowed me to try out several different sectors of the department - and there are lots to choose from! Through these assignments, I was able to develop a good idea of what kind of work I enjoy, and what types of work I am good at. Another tremendous benefit of the program is the participant network. Current participants and graduates were always willing to make time to talk to me and give me advice and tips on how to succeed within the program.  Michael de la Mothe PARDP Graduate – Energy Sector As an analyst at NRCan, my development has been spurred by challenging and interesting files that have an impact on the day to day lives’ of Canadians. My progress has been supplemented by opportunities to better my language skills and enhance my corporate knowledge through departmental networks. All of this would not have been possible without the support I received from my managers who have allowed me to take on learning opportunities when they presented themselves. 8

“"I rely heavily on the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program to inject energy and ideas into my team. More than 50% of the people I have recruited over the past 5 years have come from this Program, and I have never been disappointed.  Each one has demonstrated an eagerness to learn and take on challenges. I have put my trust in them, and been rewarded with several important contributions to my work on major natural resource projects, as well as positive contributions to the workplace environment."  Director, Major Projects Management Office “As a manager, the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) is one of my key sources to find talented policy analysts and economists. Over a dozen PARDP participants have worked in my team, making significant contributions to our economic policy research priorities. The energy and expertise they bring to the group are wonderful. The PARDP recruits benefit from working with colleagues who take pride in sharing their knowledge. It's a win-win situation!.”  Director, Economic Analysis 9

10 *Subject to successfully meeting performance evaluation objectives
What We Offer Collaborative …community of policy analysts and economists Full-Time …permanent federal government employment Starting Salary …at EC-02 (from $50,122) Graduate* …at EC-05 (from $70,614) Competitive …compensation and benefits *Subject to successfully meeting performance evaluation objectives 10

11 Location, location, location!
The National Capital Region: A great place to work, a great place to live… Canada’s historic Capital: A cosmopolitan, bilingual environment with endless activities, events and festivals Nature at your doorstep: Skiing or hiking in the Gatineau Park, over 170 kilometres of recreational pathways and skating along the “world’s largest skating rink” are just a few of the outdoor activities that Ottawa has to offer Young and vibrant multi-cultural community Ottawa ranks as one of the world’s top cities for its quality of life! 11

12 Technical Competencies
Program Requirements… Graduation with a Master’s Degree / PhD with an acceptable specialization in Economics, Sociology or Statistics that will be completed no later than December 31, 2014 Education Effective Written Communication Effective Oral Communication Organizational Awareness Technical Competencies Initiative Judgment Collaboration Dependability Flexibility Personal Suitability 12

13 Collaborate | Innovate | Discover
You Can Do It Here! Collaborate | Innovate | Discover FAQ: I am not a Canadian citizen.  Am I eligible for the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program? You may apply; however, preference is given to Canadian citizens (living in Canada or abroad).  A Canadian citizen is a person who was born in Canada or who has attained Canadian citizenship via Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  In practice, unless you have a highly sought-after specialization (one that is in shortage in the department and for which there are no qualified Canadians), your chances of being considered for a position are slim. Do I need to know both official languages? The positions initially require knowledge of English or French. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) promotes a bilingual work environment and we encourage program participants to take language training early in their assignments to ensure they reach a high level of proficiency when they complete the program. Also, NRCan offers tools such as tutors for small groups. In addition, participants can experience both French and English cultures in the National Capital Region. More information on language requirements is available on the Public Service Commission Web site. Do I need to move to Ottawa? The assignments in this program are in the National Capital Region (NCR), which includes the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau 14

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