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MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES WITHOUT MONEY. OBJECTIVES Understanding management and supervisor roles in the safety program Involving employees in the safety program.

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2 OBJECTIVES Understanding management and supervisor roles in the safety program Involving employees in the safety program Conducting effective safety meetings and committees Using awards and incentives to promote safety

3 Safety training is fast becoming the private sectors greatest tool to impact the corporate bottom line. A safe work environment exists only if the individuals in that environment have safety skills.

4 DID YOU KNOW? Injuries in the workplace cost our nation $156.2* billion in 2003 4,500 people died in 2003 from workplace injuries while 54,400 workers were killed in their home and community* *2003 National Safety Council Accident Facts


6 WHY DO WE TRAIN? To comply with government regulations To save money by reducing injury related costs To increase productivity To improve employee moral


8 EFFECTIVE SAFETY COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES Show a positive attitude toward work safety Be open to employee input Praise employees when they perform tasks safely

9 MORE GUIDELINES Do not over-supervise employees, or be unreasonable in work expectations Allow competent employees to work without feeling that they are under your constant inspection Ensure that employees are aware of the location of telephones, posted emergency numbers, fire extinguishers, and contingency plans

10 MORE GUIDELINES Keep current on all new safety procedures, personal protective equipment, and machinery Provide the proper protective equipment Use written communication when necessary

11 To make sure safety is no accident, make sure it's everyone's business, including all employees

12 Ways to involve employees in the safety program: Post your own policy on a safety board Hold safety meetings and communicate this policy Practice what you preach

13 Ways to involve employees in the safety program: Make clear assignments of responsibility Ask your employees to get involved Use your employees knowledge Find your true believers

14 Ways to involve employees in the safety program: Involve management Let the employees make safety decisions Set up a safety committee

15 Ways to involve employees in the safety program: Design a Safety Newsletter Provide positive feedback Offer awards and incentives

16 Purpose of Safety Meetings Encourage safety awareness Get employees actively involved Motivate employees to follow proper safety procedures

17 Purpose of Safety Meetings Nip safety hazards in the bud Introduce workers to new safety procedures, rules, equipment and preventive measures

18 SAFETY MEETING TIPS Meetings should be brief Do not hold on Monday morning or Friday afternoon Topic should be any subject that promotes safety awareness for the group

19 TYPES OF MEETINGS Scheduled Emergency Special Function

20 PREPARATION & PLANNING Choose your topic Gather your information Map it out Set a time limit Practice

21 METHODS OF CONDUCTING Oral Oral with Visual Effects E-mail Handouts Video

22 THE SAFETY MEETING Introduce the topic Present the facts Demonstrate Open meeting for discussion Summarize

23 SAFETY COMMITTEE RULES Safety Officer never chairs the committee Committee should be diverse Meet Regularly Have An Agenda DOCUMENT THE MEETING!

24 Review safety program Revise Policies and Procedures Make written recommendations to management Take emergency action when necessary Review accident/incident reports COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES

25 AWARDS & INCENTIVES Award – a prize that you win Incentive – something that serves as a stimulus to action by appealing to self interest

26 DEVELOPING AN INCENTIVE PLAN Have an established safety program Determine time duration Develop written goals Develop a baseline for achievements

27 DEVELOPING AN INCENTIVE PLAN Develop a budget Get input Publicize your goals

28 MORE OPTIONS Form a committee Advertise and promote it Be ready

29 LOW COST MOTIVATORS Write a letter of commendation Ask employees for advice/opinions Give verbal praise Pass along compliments you received from others

30 LOW COST MOTIVATORS Write an e-mail/memo to a superior and copy the employee Put positive information in the employees productivity file Provide quick follow up on problems/hazards when recognized Post positive achievements on the safety bulletin board

31 LOW COST MOTIVATORS Say Thank You and mean it Allow flextime Designate special parking places Give out award plaques, trophies or diplomas Feature an employee of the month Recognize peers that have helped you

32 LOW COST MOTIVATORS Have a coffee/juice morning to acknowledge accomplishments Thank somebody that contributes ideas, regardless on whether you use it Always give others credit when due Create group awards to recognize teamwork Ask the employees how they want to be recognized

33 LOW COST MOTIVATORS Ask a superior to write a memo acknowledging an accomplishment for your employee Post complimentary letters on the safety bulletin board Send employees to special seminars and workshops that may interest them

34 OTHER MOTIVATORS Safety Day Safety Olympics Safety T-Shirts Dinner for two gift certificates Weekend stay at bed & breakfast

35 TEST 1.You can have a good safety program without employee involvement. True False 2.List at least 5 ways to involve employees in the safety program. 3.Why do you have safety meetings? 4.What is an incentive? 5.How can you show ORM you have a safety program?


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