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Monique Boath Consultant – Project Manager. Women & Work: Sector Pathways Initiative.

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1 Monique Boath Consultant – Project Manager

2 Women & Work: Sector Pathways Initiative

3 IMI Mission To progressively improve the professional standards of individuals working in the retail motor industry Through… Recognition Status Employability Pride Achieving… Better employee attraction & retention Improved customer trust & confidence More profitability for the sector

4 IMI - Big Wins Management & Leadership Adult Learning 14 -19 year old provision Careers & CPD

5 Sector Challenges The creation of a more diverse workforce which can contribute to increased productivity and performance. Only 16% of the motor industrys workforce in England is female but more than 40% of its customers are women. Only 14% of Managers within the sector are qualified to level 4. No clear progression or identifiable CPD programme. No active selection criteria used for developing or recruiting the right person into the right role.

6 Women & Work Programme This programme will help redress the gender balance and encourage best practice within the sector. Improve opportunities for the recruitment and development of women in motor industry. Challenge the perceptions of women who might not have considered the sector as a career choice.

7 Women and Work The Women & Work project constitutes part of the IMIs brief to improve adult learning in the sector as one of its recently announced 5 big wins. Integrated part of the IMIs Careers Strategy to introduce a cohesive CPD programme for women employed within the retail motor industry. Part of the IMIs brief to address the significant under- representation and gender imbalance within the sector.

8 Women & Work Phase I Offer opportunities to women new to the sector to develop the relevant skills they will need to operate in the sector. Develop opportunities for women already employed in the sector to enhance their current skills, gain opportunities for promotion into supervisory and managerial roles. Offer opportunities for women to increase their pay.

9 Women & Work Phase I 50 + employers involved in the initiative in the pilot phase. Nearly 1200 women successfully completed development plans. All participants achieved their long term objectives Additional responsibilities Qualification attainment Increase in Pay Career progression – new roles

10 Impact on the Motor Industry Established skills coaching and mentoring systems to retain women in the workforce. Initiated changes in behaviours and address poor practice in the sector, improving how employers recruit, support and develop women in the industry. Started changing the negative perception women have of the Automotive retail sector. Encouraging more women to consider the Motor Industry as a career choice.

11 Employer Feedback & Comments Welcoming the initiative, Mahmoud Nafousi, Managing Director, Hartwell plc: Hartwell is keen to recruit and retain women in all areas of our business. We already have several women in senior positions but wed like to see more coming through the ranks to take up senior roles. I feel that the Women and Work initiative will help us realise this ambition as tailored training will encourage women to strive to achieve more in their careers and ensure they have the necessary skills to reach senior positions.

12 Yvonne Cubbage, General Manager, Kidlington Ford Ive been in the motor industry for over 20 years and I firmly believe that there are tremendous opportunities for women within our sector. Im involved in this project as it stimulates learning and Ive found it helps to implement a better approach. If staff are made to feel happy in their environment and are well managed, then the business will be more productive. Yvonne embarked on development programme linked to her current role to increase her leadership and management skills. In addition to this she trained as a coach and has successfully supported a number of women through the programme. Case Study

13 Case Studies As a Master Technician the male dominated working environment can sometimes be a challenge. With the Women & Work programme I was able to continue my career development and gain credible management skills that have helped me to gain recognition with my male colleagues. Emma Lyons - Land Rover

14 Women & Work Phase II 70+ employers involved to date 40% of employers are micro SME and SME 800 participants currently registered on a variety of learning programmes On target to achieve 950 participant completions for end March 2009

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