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How to be a successful saler Name: Class: 1234 Number:11.

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1 How to be a successful saler Name: Class: 1234 Number:11

2 Smile Confidence Skill Polite Knowing Dedication Passion Honesty Courage and insight Contacts And so on


4 As we all know, no one can not be a successful man in a short time or without any payments. If you are a salesman, its necessary for you to think how you can be succeed. Soldiers are uncertain formula, water, non-normal, war impermanence. To win, we must pay attention to the skills. First of all, you should be familiar with your products which you will sell. You should make customers realized that what benefits they will get from those products, and what you are needing to sell them. When you sell your products,you have to introduce those funding to customers. Secondly, its necessary to well-dressed when you meet customers, because a good beginning is a half. If you want to succeed, you have to be prepared to deliberate. And good mode of thinking, good behavior,, good attitude for life benefit. Before you meet your client,you have to make prepare. For example, you can know your client well by his colleges.other client and so on. And then, write out those purpose and what you will come to the content. Besides, you need to think of those language and organize them. Last,you shouldnt forget to behave well, and treat client politely. When you meet you client you should introduce yourself to him. But you should pay attention to that the first sentence isnt too long, but should be clear and concise when you introduce yourself. In other words, you have to make yourself understood. As you can you tell him who you are and where your company is. And then, please tell why you come to your client And you also know how to under the guise of some instructions to arouse the attention of client, to let him know he or market has been some understood, not dont know anything. In this way, you can actively cooperate with you, and he is willing to talk to you or transact. For example, after the introduction of a client, you can say to him :May we exchange business cards for more contact in future ? Of course, it is necessary to exchange business cards,but you know,there are many eruditions to change business cards.

5 Dont premature to come up with your business cards before you meet him and introduce each other. You can make the decision-making of the exchange of business cards after the introduction of what he wants and his self- reflect. Or you can ask him to exchange business cards after your visiting. As we all now, a private efforts will return, to be unwilling people to be successful on the first crazy how much heart, the stage is as big. Asian sales goddess Xu Horning, when her biennial variability the Fujie friends meet, she learned that a frog in a well is very easy to meet, just because it is the pattern of survival wellhead so big! Xu Hening also do a period of a frog in a well, when she continuously in the Taiwan- funded enterprises to do the championship year, she thought she was really great, really successful. In fact, in order to maintain that title, she needs to pay a lot more times than others efforts! Often colleagues are dormitory rest, watching TV, with a variety of entertainment, she also Lin Zhaobao strange call out. She knew she did not want this life, but I do not know what to do She needs to do the first, you need to be richer, more successful, but they have been? Such efforts, how to be more successful then? Greater success is what it? She does not know her like a frog in a well, red not that wellhead. Until one day, she met his old classmates small cool, she bottleneck suddenly opened: the original? Come the world is so big! Themselves away from the really big success so far !

6 So she signed up to listen to the lectures of Chen, under the guidance of Chen's teacher, she soon change, and has grown to find that after class back Hok Ning "crazy"! Her "crazy" is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, Chen's teacher books, CD-ROM fascination to the extent of the mad. Bag with a Walkman, which kept all successful incentive discourse Chen's teacher, to listen to during the day and evening to listen to listen to at home, in the companies to listen, to listen to the road, often at night she listens asleep The next day wake up in the morning, still ears playback! Touches Crane Ning's mother scared, thinking to himself: This child, this would not be obsessed by it? ! Fortunately Crane Ning in work and life efforts, the positive performance of the sun, Xu mother to dispel worries. Crane Ning, Chen's teacher success incentive language, is her best spiritual food, listened to, and there is momentum, there is strength, there is energy, this energy even beyond the limits of the body, has become something of Superman never know tired! Her habit, once formed, who insisted for many years, until today, she was there to listen to the the CD or subconsciously CD of the Complete Works of Chen's success sleep habits. Secondly, she began frantically around the country chasing Chen's teacher to learn! His own direction in life. Later, we all know, after her hard work, she became the first Asian sales goddess.

7 A person without clear objectives, like a ship without a compass, I do not know the way forward. Lack of clear goals, life will be powerless, the firm's goal is the success of the first. Analysis of customer needs? Understand the real concerns? Standing customers stand to help remove anxiety customers into sales rhythm? Direct seller sales and customer buy psychological process "marketing to easily the topic, the basic method is to convince others! "strange customer, it is best to start with some commodities beyond issues to talk about speculation, and then into the topic, so that makes it easier to accept. Or from time to time to praise the customer, such as: the concept of energy, achievements... and to give customers a sense of satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and gradually achieve the hypnotic effect. In this way, your marketing far away from success. You want to become a successful salesman must constantly learning, applying a variety of techniques, there are clear objectives and determination to succeed. In addition, the need to be humble and polite, self-confidence and enthusiasm.

8 This is end, thank you!~_~

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