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Are You a Closer? February 20 th Sales Training & Marketing Information Meeting.

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1 Are You a Closer? February 20 th Sales Training & Marketing Information Meeting

2 Creating an Easy Close Review: 1.) Carpet One Story 2.) Your local Carpet One Story 3.) Beautiful Guarantee 4.) Lifetime Installation Warranty 5.) Exclusive Brands 6.) YOU!

3 The Make Up of a Closer Enthusiasm ….51% Empathy & Understanding….25% Manners & Charm….10% Fun…7% Product Knowledge…7%

4 How a Closer Thinks Don’t sell if your not sold Don’t just sell for commission – Take pride in your work, prove yourself on every play, have dedication, and have a good time, and the score will take care of itself. Don’t get down on yourself You can’t learn enough Be confident

5 Actions of a Closer Treat them with Respect – Genuine interest in each customer Compete with yourself first Your Impression Build up the Customer Be Organized Kick the slump

6 Types of Customers The Yes Man: (Description) This customers agrees with you on everything, he will nod his head and say “yes” to everything. (In Reality) The customer has already made up his mind that no matter what the closer says he isn’t going to buy today. He agrees thinking the closer will give up on his sales pitch. This customer is pretty easy to close (4 out of 10). (Solution) To snap this customer out of the “yes” habit. Ask the customer directly, “Why aren’t you going to buy today?” In shock, He will give you a legitimate answer that you can use to overcome the objection and get the close!

7 Types of Customers The Know it All: (Description)The title speaks for itself. This customer already has all the answers and thinks they know more about the product than you do. At one time this customer was in the flooring business. This person acts as a smart-aleck, their favorite statements are “I know” or “I understand” (In Reality) This customer does not want to be out-classed, out-shown or intimated by the closer. He knows he is weak around a good closer. They are a 4 out of 10 on the difficult closing scale. (Solution) Let the customer trap themselves. Go along with them, and let them explain the product. All you have to do is be polite and agree with them, acting like you are learning something yourself. This customer will talk themselves into a corner. That is when you ask them, “Well since you know all the advantages of this product, how many SF do you need?”

8 Types of Customers High Roller: (Description) This customer has to tell you all about how much he is worth, how much he owns, and all the things he has been into and accomplished. Money is no problem- if your lucky, you can visit their country club sometime. (In Reality) This customer is in debt. They see themselves as something they are not. They are polite and have manners, but they are hurting for cash. They are a 4 out of 10 on closing (Solution) Go along with this customer, be impressed with them and all they have acquired. Show admiration and ask them for their secrets. Then when it comes time to close, allow them to save face and ask how long it will take for them to transfer funds from one of their investments. This client will high roll himself into his own sale, just give them some room and act as if they have all the money in the world.

9 Types of Customers The Thinker: (Description) This is the customer that just sits back and doesn’t say a word. He’ll look at you with skepticism in his eyes and act bored. This customer instills the feeling of pressure on the closer because of his silence. (In Reality) This silent customer is really a thinker; they want to listen to what you have to say, and see if your honest and sincere. They are analyzing you and sizing you up- they are pretty intelligent and somewhat knowledgeable about your product. On the scale this customer is a 7 out of 10. (In Reality) Open up and let them get to know you better, talk about the company, you, your family, they in turn relax and the conversation opens them up, so you can gather some information to help you make the close.

10 Types of Customers We Don’t Buy Today: (Description)The minute they walk in they say they are not going to buy anything today and they are just looking. These customers are weak and only have that one big “no” on the front end. (In Reality) They will buy anything. All you have to do is turn that first statement into your opening line (take-away) (Solution) Let that opening statement go in one ear and out the other. This customer can not resist a good deal, and you must highlight the special sale price of the item.

11 Trades of Customers Retired- limited income, ultra-conservative, start with an enthusiastic sales presentation at first to wake them up. Then by showing logic and soft sell, lower pressure. Develop a friendship with them and they will buy. Doctors- They are prima-donnas, standing on a pedestal. They are thinkers, but must be shown logic and the financial advantages of the product. The closer should work on their ego and always refer to them as Doctor and not Doc.

12 Trades of Customers Lawyers- They have a know it all attitude. They will make decisions when they have been enthused and motivated. They can be closed by working their egos and building them up. Show professionalism equal to the lawyer’s thoughts about themselves. Executives- Believe it or not, these people need leadership. They are self-motivated and optimistic but need a pushing guidance. They want a good deal and like to think they made the decision themselves concerning the product. The can be sold all the way if their ego is built up. Treat them like the owner of the company.

13 Q & A Questions about type of people Questions about certain trades of customers – Mechanics – Military

14 The Closer The closer knows how to get close to people The closer knows how to get the customer feeling good about themselves The closer builds the customer up so high that they can not say no A closer is a special kind of salesperson, that people like, that people get excited with, people believe in, and people feel special around. A closer is true and convincing- sincere. They win. A closer looks like you, but acts and thinks like a closer and so CAN YOU!

15 Marketing Stacie talks about Mohawk Forever Clean

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