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IB – The Next Step – Gr. 12 &Post Secondary IB STUDENT INFO.

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1 IB – The Next Step – Gr. 12 &Post Secondary IB STUDENT INFO.


3 Getting There...  Evaluate your work and study habits  Re-evaluate your commitment to your studies  Always know where you stand (in terms of deadlines and grades)... Meet with your teacher(s) as needed  Talk to someone about time management  Talk with someone if you are experiencing anxiety

4 COURSE SELECTION – the gr. 12 year  When you agreed to the IB DIPLOMA you made a commitment to a 2yr plan  Consult with your IB COORDINATOR regarding the specific courses you will need to sign up for on the CONNECT system  You do not need to sign up for Grad Trans as that is taken care of through your TOK class (this is for full Diploma students only)  Students takking just a few Diploma Courses will still need to sign up for Grad Trans

5 IB DEADLINES around course selection  Please remember that you are required to enter your course selections on the STUDENT/PARENT CONNECT SYSTEM the same as all students on the following dates:  The system opens on FEB 28  The system closes on MARCH 6  The first verification (when any changes might be made) falls between April 14 - 22

6 Studies?  Please self select this on the student/parent connect form; you will not need to fill out the application form

7 GRAD TRANS? No you do not sign up for this  Diploma Students – this will be taken care of within your IB program  However, Students who have only a few IB courses will still need to do GT

8 Some Reminders /General Information: POST SECONDARY  Remember to watch deadlines – early in October for Kwantlen – as early as before Christmas for UBC and SFU...(especially if applying for major entrance scholarships)  DO YOUR RESEARCH – know where you think you may want to apply and visit the university/college admissions sections online EARLY!!  BE RESPONSIBLE - don’t wait for someone else to TELL you when to apply etc.

9 Thinking of applying to the US?  Admission to US schools is based not only on academics, but also extracurricular activities and SAT results. As such, unlike Canadian universities, there is no set average for admission.  Be sure to write an SAT this year or next. See Some schools will waive SAT  You can apply to multiple schools with one application: see  If you are pursuing an athletic opportunity, be sure to talk to your coach  GIVE TONS OF LEAD TIME PLEASE FOR REFERENCE LETTERS AND DATA COLLECTION!!! - as in late Oct, early Nov...

10 IB English 12 HL IB French 12 SL IB Spanish 12 ab initio IB History 12 HL IB Psychology 12 HL IB Biology 12 HL IB Chemistry 12 HL IB Physics 12 SL IB Math 12 SL IB Visual Arts 12 HL IB Creativity, Action, and Service 12 IB Extended Essay 12 IB Theory of Knowledge 12

11 General Admission Requirements: SFU SFU  IB Diploma holders with total predicted IB points of 28, including bonus points, will qualify for early conditional admission to most programs.  To be considered for admission, you must meet the English language admission requirement and the Quantitative and Analytical Skills requirement.English language admission requirementQuantitative and Analytical Skills requirement  Early offers of admission are based on your Predicted Grades. A spreadsheet of your predicted grades will be sent out at the end of January of grade 12 as long as you provide your SFU number to your coordinator (full diploma)  Diploma Courses students need to submit the Predicted Grades (PG) form directly to SFU from their website once it is signed by the DP Coordinator. PG’s are available at the end of January of your grade 12 year.

12 Credits - sfu  One full year of transfer credit (30 units) is granted for a completed IB Diploma. Transfer credit is awarded for all standard level and higher level subjects passed with a grade of 4 or higher.transfer credit  Students in a partial IB program will be considered for admission on the basis of their secondary school results.  Transfer credit will be granted for higher level (HL) courses completed with a grade of 5.  Transfer credit is not awarded for standard level courses. Instead, “assigned credit” is given for SL courses for Full Diploma students only. For Diploma Courses students (non full diploma), no post-secondary credit is received for SL courses.

13 General Admission : UBC  English Language Admission Standard English Language Admission Standard  Successful completion of the Diploma with a minimum score of 24 points including at least three Higher Level courses as well as additional points for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge (Your admission score will be your overall IB Diploma score, including the individual scores for all required courses as well as additional points earned for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge)  Where English is the primary language of instruction, Standard Level or Higher Level English A is required with a minimum score of 3  Program-specific requirements listed below  If you are completing both the IB Diploma and another high school curriculum, UBC will consider both sets of information to determine which credential best positions you for admission.  Program-specific admission requirements 

14 Conversion of IB Exam Grades to Determine your Admission Average – sfu & ubc & kwantlen IB Exam GradeEquivalent Percentage 796 690 586 476 370 Conversion of IB Exam Grades to Determine your Admission Average

15 I am taking IB DIPLOMA courses but not the full diploma...  I am taking some IB courses  To be eligible for admission to UBC or SFU, you must successfully complete an academic high school curriculum, including both general admission and program- specific requirements. IB courses (both Standard and Higher Level) can be used for admission in conjunction with another high school curriculum.  Initial admission decisions are based on interim grades (in the form of Predicted Grades – PG’s – from your coordinator) as reported by your high school. Once your final IB results are available, we will use them to confirm your admission decision and any first-year credit you may be eligible for. the admission average will be calculated on the higher of either the official IB final score or the final school grade..


17 Arts  SFU: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  Anthropology; Archaeology; Asia-Canada; Cognitive Science; Criminology; Economics; English; Explorations; First Nations; French; French Cohort; Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies; Gerontology; Hellenic Studies; History; Humanities; International Studies; Labour Studies; Languages; Latin American Studies; Linguistics; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; World Literature  Must meet general requirements - no additional faculty/program course prerequisites  UBC: No additional courses beyond the general admission requirementsgeneral admission requirements

18 Sciences  SFU: Faculty of Science  Behavioral Neuroscience, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, General Science, Life Sciences Year Two, Management and Systems Science, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Physics, Statistics and Actuarial Science  Higher level or standard level Math (IB Math Studies is not accepted)  Two of higher level or standard level Science   UBC: Faculty of Science  Math (Standard or Higher Level) (minimum grade of 3) (Math Studies does not meet the requirement)  One of IB Biology, IB Chemistry, or IB Physics  Chemistry and Physics at the Grade 11 level (The Physics requirement may be waived with scores of 5 or higher in IB Mathematics and Chemistry.)

19 Business  Beedie School of Business SFU  Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management  Higher level or standard level Math (IB Math Studies is not accepted)  Commerce (Sauder School of Business UBC  Math (Standard or Higher Level) [1][1]

20 IB (HL) Transfer Credits - sfu Biology, general: BISC 101 (4), BISC 102 (4) Business and management: BUS 1XX-Q (3) Chemistry: CHEM 121 (4), CHEM 122 (2) Classical languages: WL 1XX (3) Computer science: CMPT 120 (3), CMPT 1XX (3) Dance: FPA 1DANCE (6) Design technology: IAT 1XX (5) Economics: ECON 103 (4), ECON 105 (4) English (Language A: literature/language and literature): ENGL 101 (3), ENGL 1XX (3) or WL102 (3), WL 1XX (3) English (literature and performance): ENGL 101 (3), ENGL 1XX (3) Film: FPA 237 (3), FPA 1 XX (3) Film History Geography: GEOG 100 (3), GEOG 111 (3) History: HIST 225 (3), HIST 1XX (3) History: Islamic: HIST 1XX (3) Information technology in a global society: CMPT 1XX (6) Language A and B (various): LANG 1XX (6) - name of Language B or WL 1XX (3) and LANG 1XX (3); except for English Language B = no credit; French Language = FREN 1XX (6) or FREN 1XX (3) and WL 1XX (3) depending on placement test; Italian = ITAL 100 (3), ITAL 101 (3); Mandarin = CHIN 100 (3), CHIN 101 (3) Latin: HUM 1XX-LATIN (6) Mathematics: MAT 1XX (6); MATH 151 (3), MATH 152 (3), MATH 1XX (3) with a score of 6 or higher Music: FPA 1XX (6) Philosophy: PHIL 1XX (6) Physics: PHYS 101 (3), PHYS 102 (3) ubc: Psychology: PSYC 100 (3), PSYC 102 (3) Social & cultural anthropology: SA 101 (4), SA 1XX-ANTH (4) Theatre arts: FPA 1XX (3) theatre, FPA 150 (3) Theory of Knowledge: PHIL1XX (6) Visual art: FPA 1XX (6)

21 Kwantlen - IB Diploma Graduates: IB diploma graduates may qualify for early conditional admission to most programs. English A1 or A2 (Standard or Higher Level) is required for admission to all undergraduate programs. Transfer credits will be granted for completed higher level courses with an examination grade of 5 or higher

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