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Welcome back! Ice cream social 9/18/12.

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1 Welcome back! Ice cream social 9/18/12


3 Announcements IB store opens 10/1-10/14
Bryan Park Saturday October 13, 9:30am IB breakfasts, first Friday of the month MYP ceremony 11/21 at 9:30am

4 Discovering the DP Looking ahead to plan your future

5 Creativity, Action, Service
Graduated involvement that focuses on the 8 learner outcomes Middle School MYP: counted hours HS MYP: two projects per year DP: four goals each year Goals must address all outcomes and each of the three categories -- creativity, action, service – must be represented at least once Students must also have a cooperative project between grades 11 and 12 Current activities such as sports, music lessons, religious training, such as for confirmation or bar/bat mitzvah, count; there just has to be a goal/rationale behind the activity.

6 ManageBac subscription
Online subscription service created by former IB students and teachers Management system originally for CAS Expanded to all areas of submissions Must have an address Convenient, paperless, no more “lost” papers!

7 Theory of Knowledge Two year course, based in philosophy
Centered around discussions of the four ways of knowing: sense perception, language, reason, emotion Not about new knowledge acquisition, but rather the consideration of knowledge issues Core of the program How do we know what we know? How is knowledge produced? What is the difference between belief and knowledge? What are the implications of knowing or not knowing

8 Extended Essay The extended essay is:
compulsory for all Diploma Program students externally assessed and, in combination with the grade for TOK, contributes up to three points to the total score for the IB diploma a piece of independent research/investigation on a topic chosen by the student in cooperation with a supervisor in the school chosen from the list of approved Diploma Program subjects, published in the Vade Mecum presented as a formal piece of scholarship containing no more than 4,000 words the result of approximately 40 hours of work by the student

9 EE Support Seminars Support through TOK, junior year
JRT IB website and Library website Classroom instruction by librarians (EE coordinators) Access to VCU and UR libraries and databases; field trip 10/18 Subject teacher support Student-chosen supervisor


11 Do I have to do the full diploma?
Depends on what your goals are Colleges want the FULL diploma. Your other option is the certificate, i.e. a partial IB experience Yes, you can still potentially earn some credit for the IB exams that you do take, but scholarships, preferential admission is for full diploma candidates

12 Rigor & Workload IB curriculum is trans-disciplinary, higher order thinking, open-ended-- content AND concept Tests/projects/major assessments monitored through Google Calendar Quizzes not monitored, nor SOL benchmark tests, multi-level classes could encounter difficulties

13 Junior challenges Increased rigor MYP DP Time management
Creativity to discipline Coping with an externally dictated curriculum Time management Balancing fun with work Sports and extra-curricular activities Not procrastinating academic work! Researching colleges SAT in the spring

14 Senior challenges Time management Not giving in to SENIORITIS!!
Course work College application Jobs, extra-curricular activities Exam preparation Not giving in to SENIORITIS!!

15 Things you need to know…
In 11th grade you are “anticipated” candidates In 12th grade you are diploma “candidates” TOK, CAS and Extended Essay are required components Students will meet with IB counselor, Mrs. Keating, to choose courses See the All About IB booklet


17 SL or HL? SL—150 minimum hours; HL—240 hours. HL adds more concepts, greater depth IB sets the rule: 3 SL, 3 HL If you want 4 HL, 2 SL the requirements change By fall of your senior year you must have made your final decision of SL vs. HL (where you have an option)

18 Courses *= the year you sit for exam
Senior Junior IB English 12 HL* IB French/Spanish DP Year 2 SL/HL* IB World Topics HL* IB Bio SL/HL * or IB Chem SL/HL* IB Math Studies SL* IB Art HL*; IB Drama SL*; or Chem SL/HL* TOK AP Electives if space: Bio, Chem, Physics, US History, Calculus AB/BC, Stats, Env. Science, Music Theory Group 1: IB English 11 HL Group 2: IB French/Spanish DP Year 2 SL/HL Group 3: IB History of the Americas HL Group 4: IB Bio SL/HL or IB Chem SL/HL Group 5: MYP Extended Math or IB Mathematics SL* Group 6: IB Art HL; IB Drama SL; IB Psych SL*; IB Bio or IB Chem SL/HL TOK

19 Junior year exams Students can sit for up to two SL exams their junior year Only those in IB Mathematics and IB Psych will have junior year exams NO other course will be a one year SL exam (IB does not allow more than two 1-year SL courses)

20 IB Exams Junior year exams: Senior year exams:
Students taking Mathematics MUST examine as junior Students taking Psychology MUST examine as juniors Can only take up to two exams as “anticipated candidates” Senior year exams: English, History, Art ALL examine as HL’s Science, Language examine as either SL or HL; Theatre SL only Could take Psych as a senior and exam in May Exams are always in May (May 6,7 Psych; May 8-9 Mathematics) Exam dates are unchangeable and non-negotiable

21 Exam Registration Begins in the fall for juniors and seniors
Will be done through seminar on Oct. 25 Students will select exams and levels Parents must sign the registration Registration verification is given to students to sign and due early November There is a deadline in mid-November for changes. After deadline MAJOR fines for changes

22 How is my final IB score tallied?
Performance in each subject is graded on a scale of 1 point (minimum) to 7 points (maximum) A maximum of 3 points could be awarded for combined performance in TOK, EE Internal Assessment + External Assessment = final DP course score The requirements and percentages are different in each course Unlike AP where your final exam is the only assessment

23 Results? Scores are released July 6
Scores are sent electronically to colleges based on student request Colleges grant credit differently, see their websites Every year, MYP and DP awards ceremony will be held in November-- the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

24 Achieving the Diploma If student passed both TOK and EE, may achieve with 24** points All CAS requirements have been met No “E” for TOK or EE. Need at least a D in one Must complete all components of IA’s No grade 1 in any subject No grade 2 at HL No more than one grade 2 at SL Overall, no more than three grades of 3 At least 12 points of 24 points must be in HL subjects (4 HL students must earn at least 16 points on HL subjects) At least 9 points earned on SL subjects (2 SL students need at least 6 points on SL subjects Not guilty of malpractice **28 points if four HL exams

25 Thank you for coming!

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