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Monarch Park Collegiate IB Program

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1 Monarch Park Collegiate IB Program
Jacqueline Allen IB Diploma Program Coordinator

2 The Whole IB Program LEADS TO: The IB Prep Program: Grades 9 & 10
The IB Diploma Program: Grades & 12

3 IB Prep, Grade 9 Courses: Math, English, Science, Geography, French, Civics/Careers, Health and Physical Education, Choice of Art

4 How are IB Prep courses different from regular stream academic courses?
*Faster pace, more rigorous *Geared to IB tasks/skills  demanded in the  IB Diploma Program Note: In Phys. Ed and the Arts elective: all Grade 9 streams are taught together

5 Grade 9 Extracurricular Requirement:
Grade 9 Extracurricular Requirement: *20 hours of community service- either in school or out of school   *must join one school team or club

6 Grade 10, IB-Prep Courses: Math, English, Science, History, French, Grade 11 Psychology + 2 elective courses (may be Grade 11 courses) Same extra curricular requirement as Grade 9

7 Grade 11 and 12 IB Diploma Courses:
English Literature, Math (Calculus, Functions, Vectors), Biology, French (finished in Grade 11, including IB Exams), Psychology and… Chemistry - OR Theatre

8 In the IB Diploma Program, students study 3 subjects at the Higher Level (HL) and 3 subjects at the Standard Level (SL). At Monarch Park, we offer: English Literature (HL) Mathematics (SL) French (SL) Biology (HL or SL) Chemistry (HL or SL) Psychology (HL or SL) Theatre Arts HL or SL)


10 IB Exams IB Examinations occur in May (between the 1st and the 20th of May). Externally marked.

*Theory of Knowledge (Course in Grade11 + Essay in Grade 12) *Extended Essay (3000 – 4000 word essay) First draft written over summer of Gr. 11, Final draft submitted in November of Gr. 12 *CAS: a balanced portfolio of: Creativity Action Service (Includes experience and reflection.)

12 See the IB Learner Profile on next slide
FAQ's 1. Who tends to be successful in the IB Prep/IB Diploma Program at MPC? See the IB Learner Profile on next slide


14 2. How does the IB Program prepare students for university
2. How does the IB Program prepare students for university? See the poster on the next slide, as well as the PDF on our website: 10 Reasons Why the IB Program is Ideal University Preparation


16 3. University entrance statistics?
See the statistics from last year’s graduating IB class posted on our website.

17 Last year: 145 applications received.
4. How many applications do you usually receive? How many Grade 9’s are accepted into the program? Last year: 145 applications received. We accept up to 60 Grade 9 IB Prep students.

18 5. What is the retention policy?
Students must achieve at least 75% in each subject to remain in the IB-Prep or IB Programs.

19 STEP 1: Application Package *Course selection form
*Optional attendance form *Report Cards - Final of Grade 7, Interim of Grade 8, including Learning Skills *Character reference letter- should be tied to the IB Learner Profile *Due: Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

20 *Essay: choice of two questions
STEP 2: Entrance Assessment *Essay: choice of two questions *Questionnaire about learning and thinking (review the learner profile)

STEP 3: Interview * Personal Presentation that demonstrates at least 3 Learner Traits from the IB Learner Profile   *Interview Panel asks student questions *Interview Panel asks parent(s) questions ALL INTERVIEWS TAKE PLACE ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2015

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