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IB Diploma Programme & DP Courses

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1 Parent Information Meeting Year 10 Introduction to GJIS IB Diploma Programme February 2014

2 IB Diploma Programme & DP Courses
Overview For MAY 2016 Final Examinations ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- start

3 Introductions Pak David / Pak Edi - Secondary Principals Pak Liam - Secondary School Vice Principal Pak Todung - DP Coordinator Pak Arthur - TOK/Humanities Head of Dept. Pak Marc - EE Supervisor/English Head of Dept. Ibu Regina - Student Support Services / University Counselor Ibu Widy - CAS Coordinator

4 International Baccalaureate Continuum
Primary Years Programme PYP Middle Years Programme MYP Diploma Programme / DP Courses “For 45 years, IB programmes have gained a reputation for rigour and high academic standards, for preparing students for life in a globalized 21st century, and for helping to develop citizens who will create a better, more peaceful world. Currently, more than 1 million IB students attend nearly 3,700 schools in 146 countries.” Source: GJIS – An IB World School authorised since October 2004

5 IBDP Language.. DP TOK EE CAS IA

6 Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
Connecting knowledge 100 hours class time Essay words 10 minute oral presentation ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- TOK

7 Extended Essay (EE) Original research Up to 4000 words
40 hours private study time From 22 subjects Assigned Supervisor ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- EE

8 Creativity Action Service (CAS)
Creativity-arts and service programme Action-sports, expeditions and projects Service- community and social service Learning Outcome achieved About 3 hours per week over 1.5 years ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- CAS

9 Student Support Services / Counselors
Guidance Counselors available: Bu Regina, Bu Indgrid, Bu Dwi (Pak..) Subject Selection guidance University counseling

10 The Six Subject Groups Group 1: Language Literature
Group 2: Language Acquisition Group 3: Individuals and Societies Group 4: Sciences Group 5: Mathematics Group 6: The Arts 3 x HL courses 240 hours 3 x SL courses 150 hours ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- Subjects

11 Subjects offered Indonesian: Literature (HL/SL), Language and literature (HL/SL)  Group 1 English: Language and literature (HL/SL) Korean Language A (HL/SL) Group 2 English B (HL) Indonesian B (HL/SL) Korean B (HL) Mandarin B (HL/SL) Spanish B (HL/SL) Ab Initio French (SL) Ab Initio Mandarin (SL) Ab Initio Spanish (SL) Group 3 History (HL/SL) Economics(HL/SL) Business and Management (HL/SL) Information Technology in a Global Society (HL/SL) Environmental Systems and Societies (SL) Psychology HL/SL Group 4 Physics (HL/SL) Chemistry (HL/SL) Biology (HL/SL) Group 5 Mathematics(HL/SL) Mathematical Studies (SL) Group 6 Music (HL/SL) Theatre Arts (HL/SL) Visual Arts (HL/SL) Film Studies (HL/SL) One of group 2,3 or 4 subject ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- Selection

12 Managing DP requirements
Six subjects (3 Higher Level) TOK Extended Essay CAS IA requirements Exams / Mocks University application Others (Social life, other commitments etc.) ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- Things to do

13 Organised Organized = sylabus-deadline

14 Organised Clarify and confirm
Organized = sylabus-deadline ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- Pro actively seeking info

15 Organised Clarify and confirm Do it now
Organized = sylabus-deadline ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- no procrastination

16 Organised Clarify and confirm Do it now Persistent
Organized = sylabus-deadline ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- keep on trying

17 Use of Managebac (stay tuned)
Organised Use of Managebac (stay tuned) Clarify and confirm Do it now Persistent Balance Organized = sylabus-deadline ----- Meeting Notes (3/12/12 14:06) ----- other activities / roles

18 Questions Pak Todung DP Coordinator Pak David

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