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IB Diploma Programme Overview For 2008-09 school year.

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1 IB Diploma Programme Overview For 2008-09 school year

2 The IB Continuum Primary years programme PYP 10 years old Middle years programme MYP 13 years old Diploma programme DP 38 years old

3 Structure of programme

4 Theory of Knowledge TOK

5 Theory of Knowledge (TOK) 100 hours Essay 1200-1600 words 10 minute oral presentation

6 Extended Essay Original research 4000 words 40 hours private study time From 22 subjects

7 Creativity Action Service (CAS) Creativity-arts and service programme Action-sports, expeditions and projects Service- community and social service Approximately 150 hours, more to quality than quantity About 3 hours per week over 1.5 years

8 The Six Subject Groups Group 1 Language Group 2 Second language Group 3 Individuals and societies Group 4 Experimental sciences Group5 Mathematics and computer science Group 6 Arts and options 3 x HL courses 240 hours 3 x SL courses 150 hours

9 Subjects offered Group 1 Indonesian A1 English A1 Group 2 Indonesian BEnglish B English A2 Group3 History, Business & Management Economics, Information Technology in a Global Society, Environmental Systems Group 4 Biology, Physics, Chemistry,Environmental Systems Group 5 Maths HL/SL, Maths Studies (SL) Group 6 Music Theatre Arts Visual Art Options

10 Managing the requirements Six subjects (3 X 150 hours 3 X 240 hours) TOK 100 hours TOK coordinator + other teachers additional subject Extended essay 40 hours supervisor CAS 150 hours CAS Coordinators Internal assessment requirements Teachers Exams DP Coordinator

11 Selection process In reality students self select Information session Term 3 Initial subject selection Term32 Career profiling Term 3 University investigation Term 3 Subject selection Term 4

12 Questions

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