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Multilevel Governance and Urban (re)development November 8.

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1 Multilevel Governance and Urban (re)development November 8

2 The Toronto Waterfront and Three Winnipeg Case Studies 1. What does each article tell us about MLG? 2. According to the authors, what conditions facilitate successful models of MLG? 3. According the authors, what factors can limit the success (effectiveness and responsiveness to local conditions) of MLG?

3 Urban redevelopment initiatives in Winnipeg (Leo, 2006) Neighbourhood Improvement Program, 1970s Core Area Initiative Winnipeg Development Agreement Winnipeg Partnership Agreement Forks/North Portage Partnership

4 Vancouver Agreement (Mason, 2006) “urban development partnership” Influenced by Winnipeg example Signed March 2000 for a five-year term Renewed April 2005 Expired in March 2010 Focused on revitalization of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

5 Vancouver Agreement (Mason, 2006) “it has been the achievement of the Vancouver Agreement to foster effective working relationships between the three levels of government” (11). “the greatest immediate obstacle…was the sheer scale of jurisdictional fragmentation” (11).

6 Vancouver Agreement (Mason, 2006) The academic literature suggests that there are five necessary conditions for effective intergovernmental collaboration in the area of area-based urban partnerships: resource pooling, political leadership, meaningful community involvement, mutual learning and clear horizontal accountability (16-17).

7 Vancouver Agreement (Mason, 2006) “Implementation of the agreement has, however, not seen a high level of community engagement” (22).

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