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Sports in National Life Art Salmon, Ed.D. Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion Toronto, Canada.

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1 Sports in National Life Art Salmon, Ed.D. Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion Toronto, Canada

2 Action This Day What will happen in the future as a result of what we do here today? It is a riddle, housed in a mystery, encased in an enigma. We have the key - the future is uncertain-but we must move on

3 A Quick Word About Canada – for context Canada is a federation of 13 provinces and territories Ranks 2 nd in the world in total area and 4 th in total land area. Culturally and linguistically there are differences across the country Population growth through immigration has brought diversity and the need to respond to different sport and physical activity challenges. 8 Hours

4 A Shift in Thinking A national meeting of 200 key leaders in physical activity and sport in 1986 set a goal… By the year 2000 physical Activity would be a Canadian Cultural Trademark

5 2 Priorities For Action The health and well-being of the nation and the medals won at major games are simple by-products of an effective sport system. Canadian Sport for Life, 2005

6 Trends in Adult Physical Activity Levels in Canada, 1994-2005

7 Sport Participation among Canadian Adults

8 Sport & Physical Activity National Policy Leads Public Health Agency of Canada Sport Canada

9 Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy

10 Canadian Sport Policy The Canadian Sport Policy reflects the interests and concerns of 14 government jurisdictions and the Canadian sport community. The Canadian Sport Policy reflects a new approach to shared leadership and collaboration amongst all stakeholders to achieve the goals of enhanced participation, excellence, capacity and interaction in sport.

11 At the Heart of the Canadian Sport Policy

12 Integrating Sport & Physical Activity

13 Sport - Excellence World class athletic achievement as a product of quality high performance development systems and programs. National Targets –Targeted support Athlete assistance Sport hosting –2010 Olympics –2015 Pan-Am Games bid

14 2010 in Vancouver

15 Sport - Capacity Playground to Podium Sport For Life – Long-term Athlete Development Model

16 Is based on the physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive development of children and adolescents. Each stage reflects a different point in athlete development. Ensures physical literacy upon which excellence can be built Builds physical literacy in all children, from early childhood to late adolescence by promoting quality daily physical activity in the schools and a common approach to developing physical abilities through community recreation and elite sport programs.


18 Sport – Enhanced Interaction The components of the sport system are more connected and coordinated as a result of the committed collaboration and communication amongst the stakeholders. –Increase Awareness of Sport Within Governments –Regular Communication with the Sport Community –Enhance Collaboration Between Sport Organizations –Negotiate Bilateral Government Agreements ($$$) to Advance the Canadian Sport Policy

19 Monitoring Progress The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute monitors: –Physical Activity through the Physical Activity Benchmark and Monitoring program –Sport participation through the Sport Monitor

20 Sport / Physical Activity Participation

21 Childrens Participation in Sport and Type of Participation

22 Communities in Action Fund Building opportunities through joint partnerships – putting leadership at the community level where local priorities can be met

23 Aboriginal Activator Project Building leadership capacity within communities

24 Healthy Schools Recognition Program The PledgeThe Pennant

25 Raise the Bar School-based initiative to encourage school administrators, teachers and student leaders to develop and implement intramural sport & physical activity programming. Re-balance school sport and physical activity more equitably

26 Active and Safe Routes to School Parents and community leaders working together to find solutions

27 Trails Strategy Creating safe, accessible opportunities to be active

28 Quest for Gold Supporting Amateur Athletes

29 Quest for Gold Promotion

30 Ontario sport and recreation infrastructure deficit estimated to be over $5B and growing 2006-07- more than $74.1M invested in sport and recreation infrastructure Economic stimulus going forward Infrastructure

31 National Sport & Physical Activity Media Campaigns


33 Knowledge Development & Transfer May 5 – 8, 2010 Toronto, Canada

34 It has been a privilege to be part of the Active Caribbean Workshop 2009 in such a beautiful setting. Thank You Very Much

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