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1 Environmental Assessment – REP Transition Kickoff meeting – May 6, 2014.

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1 1 Environmental Assessment – REP Transition Kickoff meeting – May 6, 2014

2 Agenda: EA Transition- Project Kickoff meeting 2 Date: May 6, 2014 Time: 1:30am – 2:30pm Location: MR1879; Conference Call: 1-866-792-1318 – Conference ID: 7077578 Objectives: ► Confirm project structure and governance, meeting schedule, and project tools ► Confirm expectations of the Work Stream Leads and the IMO Materials: Draft Project Charter TimeTopicLeadDiscussion Points 1:30pm-1:40pmWelcome & introductionsMarjorie Volt ► Conduct brief round table introductions 1:40pm-1:45pmProject CharterMarjorie Volt ► High-level overview of Project Charter and critical path 1:45pm-2:00pm Project structure & meeting schedule Marjorie Volt ► Walkthrough project structure, roles and responsibilities, meeting schedule and cadence 2:00pm-2:20pmIMO toolsLisa Lui ► Establish status reporting and RAID log ► Expectations of the Work Streams Leads and the IMO ► Discuss use of the Portal as a central repository ► Describe integration work plan development and update process 2:20pm-2:30pmNext stepsMarjorie Volt ► Summary of next steps and actions ► Questions?



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7 Project structure The following project structure will enable effective and collaborative AER implementation effort 7

8 8 PrepareIntegrateReviewReportCascade MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY 8:00 9:00 IMO Meeting Steering Committee meeting 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 Work Stream Leads Meeting 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 Work Stream Leads with their Task teams update and complete the R.A. I.D log and submit status report by 2:00pm PM updates the R.A.I.D log to update the Work Stream leads. Work Stream Leads to review R.A.I.D. updates from the Steering Committee with their task teams Task team related activities IMO team related activities Project Team Meeting Meeting schedule: Cadence There are a number of regularly scheduled meetings and activities for the different teams to be engaged in each week PM develops summary reporting package for Steering Committee PM develops consolidated project status report for Work Stream Leads Meeting PM develops consolidated project status report for IMO meeting

9 Meeting schedule: Purpose, preparation & products Each meeting will have a clear purpose, attendance from the right people and be well prepared for 9 MeetingFrequencyAttendeesPurposePreparationProducts Work Stream Lead Meeting Weekly (Tuesday PM) AER & ESRD work stream leads and IMO representatives : Karen Logan, Anne Ngo, Loralee Baceda, Ross Hill, Kristina McLellan, Anne Fraser, Melissa Styba, Laura Williams, Jennifer Lutz, Corinne Kristensen, Melanie Denaluk, Camille Almeida, IMO, Leah Workman ►Share work stream status with the other work stream leads ►Determine content to be represented on the overall work stream summary (IMO facilitation) ►Opportunity for the IMO to clarify updates from the SC from the previous cycle ►Agenda ►Work stream lead status report ►Key communication materials from the IMO ►Consolidated work stream status report ►Areas requiring IMO support IMO Team Meeting Weekly (Wednesday AM) AER & ESRD IMO: Greg Gilbertson, Marjorie Volt, Tammy Loiselle, Lisa Lui, Dick Batten, Heather von Hauff ►Full project & IMO health check ►Key priorities ►Review project status report (work stream consolidated status report etc) and determine content to be rolled up to the SC ►Address key decisions that can be resolved without the involvement of the SC ►Agenda ►Project status report ►Confirmed content for inclusion in the SC reporting pack ►Decisions Steering Committee Weekly (Thursday AM) AER: Cal Hill, Kirk Bailey, Rick Brown, Jennifer Steber, Tristan Goodman ►Update SC on project status ►Items and decisions requiring SC involvement and seeking approvals ►Enable the SC to keep their finger on the pulse of the project ►Identify and discuss barriers where SC support and action is required ►Agenda ►SC reporting pack ►Informed SC ►Updates to the R.A.I.D to be shared with the work stream leads


11 A. Achievements for this reporting period 1.TBD 2.TBD 3.TBD 4.TBD 5.TBD 6.TBD E. Risks identified for reviewRankingProposed mitigation response 1.TBDHigh 2. TBDModerate 3. TBDLow B. Achievements planned or the next reporting period 1.TBD 2.TBD 3.TBD 4.TBD 5.TBD 6.TBD G. Decisions requiring attention Priority ranking Decision maker 1.TBDHigh 2.TBDMedium 3.TBDLow H. Dependency descriptionRelated work stream(s) 1.TBD 2.TBD 3.TBD F. Issues identified for review Priority ranking Proposed resolution 1.TBDHigh 2.TBDMedium 3.TBDLow C. Deliverables behind schedule 1.TBD 2.TBD 3.TBD D. Plan to get deliverables on track (refer to respective numbers from C) 1.TBD 2.TBD 3.TBD Work Stream Lead: Anne Ngo Work stream: Finance Period: May 13 – May 19

12 12 Risks Risks are defined as anticipated issues, events, or dependencies that may disrupt execution of the project (scope, schedule, cost) or AER operations. Risks have not yet occurred and can be mitigated Actions The action log will capture and track the actions which arise out of the three main meetings: Work Stream Lead Meeting, IMO Meeting & Steering Committee Issues Issues are defined as events that have occurred because a risk has not been identified or previously mitigated Issues if not resolved will disrupt the project (scope, schedule, cost) or AER operations Decisions Key decisions that are required to continue making progress on the project or to maintain smooth AER operations Dependencies Dependencies describe reliance on another work stream activity or deliverable Identification of dependencies will decrease risks and issues, and help identify synergies Dependencies will be captured throughout the RAID log R.A.I.D: Definitions For the R.A.I.D to be used successfully, users need to understand the difference between Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions & Dependencies


14 Next steps for week of May 5: ►Develop the work plan. Marjorie and Lisa will schedule a 30-minute meeting with each Work Stream Lead to review the high-level requirements, develop your work plan and review the risks and issues before May 12. ►Work Stream Leads to review the Project Charter and next week meeting materials before Red Deer Workshop and prepare list of questions ►Work Stream Leads to familiarize themselves with the project tools, and test access to the Portal 14

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