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DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS 1 19. Change Control: Rolling updates for Taxonomy, Adjusting Training, Technology, DRM Process, Facilities 5. Design Change Controls.

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1 DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS Change Control: Rolling updates for Taxonomy, Adjusting Training, Technology, DRM Process, Facilities 5. Design Change Controls Process 9. Taxonomy Integration with Content* II. Design & Develop (Foundation & Pilot Prep) III. Pilot (& Deployment Prep) IV. Deployment 12. Dept Pilot 1 8. Training Design & Development * 7. Define Training Program* 14. Asset Team Pilot 1-2 “Seismic Driven” 15. Asset Team Pilot 3-4 “Regulatory Driven” 16. Asset Team Pilot 5-6 “Facility Driven” 17. Multiple Teams Rolling Deployment 13. Dept Pilot 2 Departments A B C D Asset Teams A B C D Starts When Project Starts 4. Define Roles & DRM Process* 1. DRM Application Rationalization * 2. DRM Web Tool Rationalization * Web Front Search Engine Taxonomy 6. Develop, Configure, Integrate, Test Tools 10. Tools Ready 11. Train (pilots) Critical Path Items in Red 3. Write DRM Policies Standards* inc. Retention Schedules 18. Document Conversion – Electronic & Hardcopies Enterprise Implementation Roadmap I. Assess & Plan (Complete) Taxonomy Governance Change & Communication Document Process Mapping Knowledge Management Framework Implementation Roadmap * Ongoing Alignment with Calgary & Uxbridge

2 DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS 2 M1M2M3Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4 Classification & Taxonomy Process People Technology Taxonomy Integration Strategy & Logical Architecture Web Tool Decision Search Engine Decision Rationalize Retention Schedules Write DRM Policies & Procedures Define Training Program Training Design & Development Training Delivery Define Roles and DRM Process Procurement & Set-up Develop & Configure Convert Departments by Priority On-going Technology Support Implementation Plan Design Develop PilotDeploy On-going Change Control Process Briefings (All Levels) On-going CommunicationsOn-going Communications and Role Engagement Design Change Control Process Department Specific Task List Executive Committee Formation & Charter Convert Data (including Documentum)

3 DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS 3 DRM Standardization Exercise (By Department) Implement the taxonomy, normalize the classification & doc types Key Work Product as mapped to asset lifecycle Classification & Taxonomy Document Type Document Category (A grouping for convenience) A BCDE Goals of the exercise: 1.Leverage the “APC Memory” in the current classifications 2.Get department “as-is” to see scope of “To-Be” changes 3.Define any new rules-requirements anticipated by department 4.Stabilize, simplify and normalize – before implementing 5.Implement new taxonomy

4 DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS 4 Not Analyzed Easements As-built pipeline drawings Logs Current APC well bore info Contact list Completion Procedure Well work history (production) Well work history (drilling) Daily drilling reports (2 formats) Drilling prognosis Mud logs Gas analysis over time Platt AFE support development well f’cst Lease & Exhibits Well Status reports Numerous payment vouchers Easement/surface/right of way AFE copy 8 TRRC reports which repeated other department tech data Drilling & Operations Geological Data Anadarko Reports AFE’s Texas RR Commission DRM Standardization Exercise Well File Example: based on review of 3 TRC well files Key Work Product Classification Taxonomy Document & TypeDocument Categories A BCDE TRC Well File

5 DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS 5 DRM Standardization Exercise (By Department) Observations from TRC well file review… OBSERVATIONS: Every well file had consistent categories but different doc types in most categories A lot of duplicate document leads to larger storage facilities requirements No standardization in the way a document type was defined (E.g., Daily drilling schedule was electronic in one and manual in another Texas RR Commission reporting duplicated technical data generated in many departments No ability to define retention by individual document CONCLUSIONS: Not cost effective to categorize doc types in legacy well files – until used by a project As projects use well files, the need to be fully codified in the new DRM structure Location of well files needs to be maintained for “immediate” retrieval, when needed With any acquisition – decide which wells will be disposed of before categorizing data Treat remaining files as “legacy” and convert when used by a project

6 DRM P-CM Roadmap V5_MCS 6 DRM Standardization Exercise (By Department) Three stage approach & key components Workshop with department management /SME’s to: 1.Introduce DRM program & progress 2.Show department & document fit in APC project lifecycle 3.Discuss overlap and ownership of key documents 4.Validate of new taxonomy recommendations 5.Define anticipated future data/record requirements After work session with department, DRM team: 1.Updates master database of doc types, categories & taxonomy 2.Lists all documents used by other departments 3.Prepares to pilot 4.Conduct s pilot and captures improvements DRM team has work sessions with department SME’s/reps to: 1.Validate key work products. 2.Understand-codify doc types, S/H drives and classifications. 3.Suggest document categories that work across APC 4.Review and endorse classification. Determine vital records. 5.Recommend and test new taxonomy 6.Define department change control procedures & review process 1 2 3

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