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Food For Thought HEA Green Academy Let’s Get Cooking.

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1 Food For Thought HEA Green Academy Let’s Get Cooking

2 Aim To raise awareness of the Let’s Get Cooking Club To provide ideas for setting up a club at another university 04 October 20142

3 3 What’s it all about? Sustainability It is not sustainable that people are suffering ill-health caused by diet It is not sustainable to produce so much processed food for us in the ‘Western World’ It is not sustainable to consume the amount of animal produce that we currently do. Students have low income yet many eat diets based on convenience and fast foods. Studies have shown that what we eat can affect our ability to study Many students do not have their ‘5 a day’ or eat breakfast

4 Obesity “Take obesity: it already costs our NHS a staggering £4 billion a year. But within four years, that figure’s expected to rise to £6.3 billion.” David Cameron, 16 May 2011.David Cameron obesity_costs_foresight_Department_of_Health October 20144

5 Let’s Get Cooking: 04 October As we have had training from the team at Let’s Get Cooking we have access to their resources and are allowed to use their logo

6 The team 04 October 20146

7 Join our cooking sessions across NTU Tantalise your taste buds, meet new people and gain the skills to cook nutritious, tasty and good value meals. Wednesday’s 2 pm – 4 pm Thursday’s 10 am – 12 pm and 2 – 4 pm LET’S GET COOKING! ought

8 The sessions We have 4 sessions tailor-made for student living to produce main meals to share or to keep for another day: 04 October 20148

9 Session 1 Mince magic (can be completed using quorn) 04 October 20149

10 Session 2 Curry night 04 October

11 Session 3 ‘Stir Crazy’ 04 October

12 Session 4 Soup, pizza & pud 04 October

13 Why don’t more students cook? Lots of reasons: They can’t cook! They are not confident They’ve burnt all their pans! They haven’t got time Etc… 04 October

14 Let’s start with skills: 04 October

15 Beverley Lawe’s Contact details: tel: October

16 Any Questions? 04 October

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