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How to Successfully Sell Witt Receptacles 1/4/20141.

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2 How to Successfully Sell Witt Receptacles 1/4/20141

3 2 Many Uses Witt Produces High Quality All Metal Waste Receptacles WITT PRODUCTS ARE FOUND EVERYHERE… Office BuildingsHospitals Colleges & UniversitiesRestaurants / Food Chains Pro Sports VenuesRetirement Communities Arenas & TheatresCoffee Shops Movie Theatres/ComplexesCasinos Shopping MallsMilitary Facilities Grocery StoresParks & Rec Areas High SchoolsCities & Towns Amusement ParksCity Streets

4 Spotting Opportunities 1/4/20143 Learning to use your eyes to spot opportunities can be rewarded with an order that has above average margins. Every day you take orders for step-off mats and can liners. Many times these receptacles that the liners go inside of are in need of replacement because they dont represent the image the brand is working to create or maintain. The Opportunities Are Right In Front of You!

5 The recognition and perception of a brand is highly influenced by its visual physical presentation Witt and the Brand Experience The experiential aspect consists of the sum of all points of contact with the brand and is known as the brand experience People engaged in developing the brand experience are very much aware of the image of the business or product and strive to create one that has certain qualities that make it special or unique 1/4/20144

6 How we perceive a business for the first time greatly depends upon our first impression of them. Whether it's a good impression or a bad one, you will make one. First Impressions 1/4/20145

7 Successful visual brand language creates a memorable experience for the consumer, encouraging repeat business and boosting the company's economic health. Brand Experience, Image & Atmosphere Millions of dollars are spent on the Image. Is a nasty looking plastic waste receptacle, with an exposed liner creating the image or enhancing the atmosphere youve worked so hard to create? 1/4/20146

8 Negative initial information is weighted even more heavily. If a business or product is initially perceived as unkempt or as having a dirty appearance, the public will be less likely to engage in business with that company or buy the product.. First Impressions It can take many positive experiences to overcome the impact of one initial negative perception 1/4/20147

9 Clean attractive waste receptacles, placed strategically throughout the facility, finish the image and atmosphere your brand requires. Brand Experience, Image & Atmosphere Witt products help create the visual experience that is key to success of your business or product. 1/4/20148

10 Finishing Touch 1/4/20149 Like a handbag and shoes finish a ladies evening dress, Witt products are the finishing touch to a well planned interior or exterior space. Our Products Accessorize!!

11 Brand Experience, Image and Atmosphere Witt receptacles can also be customized to enhance your brand and make additional visual impressions. Display your logo or message right where large numbers of people will see it. 1/4/201410

12 Green brands are those brands that consumers associate with environmental conservation and sustainable business practices. Such brands appeal to consumers who are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. A green brand can add a unique selling point to a product and can boost corporate image. Witt, Brand Image and Recycling 1/4/201411

13 Spotting Opportunities 1/4/201412 Now that you know what to look for…. …… you walk toward the front door, what are you going to look at? All You Need To Do Is Look!

14 Witt and Brand Image By their very composition, Witt upscale metal receptacles add to an improved image to any space where they are added. Yes, plastic is cheaper but image has a cost. A carefully planned brand image represents a substantial investment and can be damaged by the smallest unplanned event or overlooked detail. A cheap plastic trash can inserted into carefully designed environment can devalue the most expensive assets. 1/4/201413

15 1/4/201414 END

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