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David Mossley Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies.

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1 David Mossley Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies

2  Why have a teaching portfolio?  What should it contain?  What format should it have?  How should it be used?  How should it be maintained?  A first go at writing one …  Based on material by George MacDonald Ross – PRS website (forthcoming)

3  Bad reason: ◦ Requirement of employment … BUT: ◦ Being a professional does mean having some evidence of practice and CPD in all other spheres (Dearing, 1997) ◦ Almost universal requirement to demonstrate teaching qualification in HE  Good reasons: ◦ Ambition of being a better lecturer ◦ Evidence for career progression and development

4  The basics: 1. A statement of your teaching philosophy 2. A statement on the linkage between your teaching and your research 3. A statement of the training you have undergone as a lecturer and tutor 4. Your employment history

5  Additionally: 5. If your teaching has been observed by a colleague, you should include the report 6. If you have published anything to do with teaching, or given presentations or workshops, give a brief description 7. Give the details of any grants for teaching- related projects and specify the outcomes 8. Specify any distinctions or awards you may have received for excellence in teaching.

6  Finally: 9. Outline any plans you have for improving your teaching in the short, medium, or long term. 10. When you next re-visit the portfolio, assess how far you have fulfilled these plans, and revise your plans for the future.

7  If institutionally determined, use that, otherwise …  Whatever works for you  Sections as above  Manageable length (for you)  Extractable information  Appendices of factual information (events, courses, detailed student feedback etc)  Or just most recent information (with archive)  Printed master copy!

8  Reflection on your own teaching – being a self-regulating professional  Resource for promotions and awards  Internal review processes: ◦ Institutional regular reviews (variable with institutional) ◦ Peer observation exercises – focuses on teacher as performer

9  Seems more burdensome than it is!  Start with your first teaching (short document to begin … )  Update regularly as things occur or change  Use other documentation – integrate with c.v.

10  Spend ten minutes noting down your own thoughts on a teaching philosophy  With your neighbours discuss what are the most important features for such a statement  Share your thoughts with the rest of the group  Repeat the process for linking teaching and research …

11  Dr David Mossley ◦ Centre Manager ◦ Subject Centre for PRS Dept of Theology and RS University of Leeds LS2 9JT ◦ 0113 343 6745 ◦ ◦

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