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Have I got News for you... Current classroom practice...

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1 Have I got News for you... Current classroom practice...

2 Propaganda... bridges the gap between the classroom and the "real" world. can give everyone something to read -- news, sports, weather, editorials, current affairs contains the best models of clear, concise written and spoken language Helps build opinion and perspectives in preparation for later study build reading habits that will last a lifetime. can be cut, marked, clipped, pasted, filed, annotated,replayed,reworked,and recycled!

3 Curriculum Opportunities e. use a range of resources for accessing the target language f. listen to, read or view a range of materials, including authentic materials in the target language, g. use the target language in connection with topics and issues that are engaging and may be related to other areas of the curriculum.

4 Range & content e. learning about different countries and cultures f. comparing pupils own experiences and perspectives with others Intercultural understanding a. Appreciating the richness & diversity of other cultures. b. Recognising that there are different ways of seeing the world, developing an international outlook.

5 Uses for Newspaper articles 1. Text work Creative Writing: what happened next adopt a perspective dubbing/voiceovers

6 Uses for Newspaper articles 1. Text work Creative Writing Debate Letter to the editor Q&A section Describe the News in Pictures Review of the Year

7 Oui, mais à mon avis Quant à toi/moi... C’est (pas) un reportage /histoire très... Je pense que... Oui, Je (ne) suis (pas) d’accord D’un part.. d’autre part Oui, C’est vrai Non, c’est faux Que penses- tu? Mais non! cependant Mais si, cependant Ten tasks for talking: Let it flow

8 Ten tasks for talking: High Five Summary Debate AFL D’un part... D’autre part...

9 Mind map

10 DIY news Pupils create quiz questions around a page of News Pupils create new sentences /text from the language in the headlines/text available Pupils create a collage of text/images based on a headline, lexical, or grammatical theme: Pupils come up with a suitable word for a gap in a headline. Match headline to genre eg international,area/topic specific



13 In some newspapers, there is a news summary section consisting of many short news items (one paragraph each) Give each pair of learners one of these news items and ask them to write a headline for it on a separate slip of paper. Collect all the stories and the headlines. Ask learners to match the stories and the headlines. Extend by Comparing and contrasting with originals.. News in Brief

14 Jennifer Aniston honorée sur le Walk of Fame Les Brit Awards 2012, un tapis rouge très étoilé ! Adele : Un héliport dans son jardin

15 r?w/P/yBPe3w5owQ


17 Living article idea How media events will affect your life: rank in order of impact/emotion/consequence Compare to people living elsewhere Use chronological articles to map a living graph or story: historical events & life stories through media coverage Archive articles


19 Role play the News Choose an interesting article or story from the newspaper and make enough copies for every pair of learners.(“Man finds long lost brother”; “Lottery winner buys a house for pet dog” etc. Style stories work best). Ask learners to first read the article and then improvise a short role play. Can be conducted one of two ways: 1) one learner plays the journalist and the other plays the protagonist of the story; the journalists does an interview 2) learners each take the role of a person in the story and act out the story, or something that happens before or after the story.

20 Ten tasks for talking: Quatre Questions Quand? Quoi? Ou? Qui?









29 Listening to the News For gist & key information: Ma France For key words: make your own text with Voki and Text to Speech (AT&T) Use QR codes to link a reading text to the corresponding report Redrafting work Spoof Making their own reportage



32 Bring the News in RSS feeds Apps: Appactu, Taptu, Pulse, Kiosko – news resources Twitter trends: pupils comment

33 Developing the ‘Whole learner’ Careful & appropriate selection of material Can be ‘snippets’ Does not need to be a ‘huge’ task Allows pupils to see they can access language Helps develop perspectives as well as their language capabilities

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