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Fast Food Toolkit FSA SWERF WMRSP Janet Faulkner WMRSP.

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1 Fast Food Toolkit FSA SWERF WMRSP Janet Faulkner WMRSP

2 Fast Food toolkit SWERF (lead), WMRSP and FSA Building on work in the SW including the Sandwich Shop project ‘Lessons to take-away’ conference June 2010: - Funded by DoH, WM Learning for Public Health, Sandwell MBC and MADE (planning and regeneration specialists) - Speakers: Health professionals, academics, CIEH, FSA, Senior Local Govt Officers, social entrepreneur John Vincent of ‘Leon’

3 ‘Lessons to take-away’ conference Do places make you fat? Can fast food be healthy? How far can obesity be attributed to diet or a sedentary lifestyle? How can the planning and design of the built environment influence how and what we eat when we’re out?

4 Toolkit for caterers including take-aways Numerous attempts have been made to highlight the risks of high salt, fat and calories in food - Indian and Chinese food often have very high levels Consumer behaviour hasn’t really changed Business will produce healthier options if their customers want them Restaurants may claim to be taking steps but few are promoting healthy options TSEM

5 Toolkit for caterers including take-aways Consumers say, Health issues generally not a consideration when choosing a meal, however: >two thirds say they’d chose a healthier option if it was available >half say nutritional info on a menu would be appealing >half say it would be appealing if restaurants reduce salt, saturated fat and calories as standard TSEM

6 Fast Food toolkit Using the conference as a starting point Entire conference was filmed Develop web-based material for business and LAs Encourage businesses to offer healthier food and potentially make more profit as a result A one stop shop opportunity for legislation updates and other advice

7 Fast Food toolkit Initial discussions began around a broad scope toolkit Develop a mini toolkit for Indian and Chinese – focus where we can have the greatest impact Pilot in LAs in SW and WM doing LGR project Collect feedback from LA officers and business – how can we get SMEs involved? Use to refine and improve the mini toolkit and inform the development of the broader project

8 Fast Food toolkit - website Opens with John Vincent’s ‘three steps’ 2 minute video: 1.Basic nutrition knowledge 2.Where should you change what you do or add dishes 3.Don’t ram ‘health’ down people’s throats

9 Fast Food toolkit - website Adjusting the menu – for Chinese restaurants Adjusting the menu – for Indian restaurants Allergen control checklist Food hygiene guidance for caterers – in English Food hygiene guidance for caterers – in Chinese Guidance for Indian and Chinese restaurants and takeaways (legislation incl EH, TS, licensing) Top Tips for Indian restaurants Top Tips for Chinese restaurants

10 Mini toolkit pilot LGR project sampling Nov 2010 to January 2011 Results to LGR by end Feb 2011 LAs officers used toolkit to revisit businesses Each LA engaging with one or two businesses Evaluation of toolkit by officers and businesses Project group reviewed feedback in May 2011

11 Feedback key points Plain English required – eliminate regulator speak Make toolkit more appealing and easy for business Documents need to make priorities clear Need feedback from business who’ve used the material – what’s the best way to get businesses involved? Document improvements eg alcohol sales, Top Tips Concern how toolkit fits with hygiene rating schemes, ‘Change for Life’ campaign etc

12 Toolkit Next Steps Amend + simplify material as per feedback by Autumn Identify over-arching organisations who have influence on local business Brief relevant teams in both regions by end June Consider material when dealing with suppliers in the Imported Foods Project Arrange Community and Business liaison by 9 Sept, structured discussion for consistency

13 Toolkit Next Steps FSA ‘Working effectively with Minority Ethnic Food Businesses’ training available EHO with ethnic communities experience to attend next project meeting Identify resource to re-write material in plain English Translations of all material by 9 Sept Next meeting of Project Group end Sept Design delivery, approach and evaluation based on consultation LBRO Impact and Outcomes exercise to be arranged

14 Fast Food toolkit FSA SWERF WMRSP

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