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Toni Smith Regional Coordinator South West and West Midlands.

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1 Toni Smith Regional Coordinator South West and West Midlands

2 £31.1bn sales in UK eating out market in 2008 23% increase since 2003 2

3 Food is big business 23% increase since 2003 Consumers spent £81 billion on catering services in 2008 7.7 to 8.5 billion meals served 3 Jane Philpott,

4 UK eating out market Allegra Strategies Survey, Nov 2009 Informal eating out is worth >£40 billion –Breakfast - 5% –Lunch - 42% –Dinner 42% –Supper/late night dining - 3%. –Snacks -8% 7.7 billion informal meals are eaten out a year in the UK 128 meals for every person in the UK 4

5 UK eating out market Sales of fast food £8.2 billion Up by 22% since 2003 Fried chicken showed the biggest increase at 36% Eating Out Review, Mintel 2009 5

6 6 Effect of recession The current recession has dampened consumers' short- term appetite for eating out, and the market is forecast to decline by 0.5% in 2009-2010 Allegra Strategies, 2009

7 Consumers cost-conscious Casual dining concepts have seen negative growth Fast food segment has become more buoyant 7 Allegra Strategies, 2009

8 8 Served 3 million people per day in UK over summer 2009 McDonald’s continues to expand 1250 outlets in the UK 13,000 outlets in the USA Even opened an outlet at Le Louvre in Paris Served 3 million people per day in UK over summer 2009

9 Sales of ethnic food increased by 52% between 2001 and 2007 –Indian, Chinese, Thai, Cajun, Japanese DEFRA Food Pocketbook, 2009 9

10 Changes 2001 to 2007 10

11 Ethnic food trends 11

12 Consumer trends Allegra Strategies Survey Nov 2009 –Value for money –Healthier eating –Quality –Local food –Better service 12

13 Consumer health awareness In 2007, 93% of people said that health is very or somewhat important when buying food Fat, esp. saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt concern people the most (DEFRA, 2008; FSA, 2009) 13

14 UK consumer survey 2006 94% agreed that healthier choices should be available to people who eat out 45% have wanted to choose something healthy to eat but have not been able to find anything suitable 42% would eat out more often if healthier choices were available 81% thought food outlets could do more to provide healthier choices for people eating out 14

15 Consumer health awareness FSA Survey, June 2008 –85 % wanted to know what is in the food they are served –81 % wanted nutritional information about the food at the point of order –41 % wanted information, and food to be made healthier by catering establishments –22 % wanted food to remain the same but wanted nutrition information about it 15

16 Capitalise on consumer trends Use consumer desire for healthier options to create new business and enhance profitability Small and simple changes to menus can increase custom and your bottom line 16

17 Enhance Health Enhance Profit 17 Reduce portion size –Often too large, especially for children –Adults sometimes share dishes because too big –Monitor quantity of waste and adjust portions accordingly Reduce amount of protein –Most people eating more than enough –Protein often most expensive ingredient

18 Enhance Health Enhance Profit Reduce sat fat in dishes –Don’t automatically provide butter on potatoes, vegetables or bread –Reduce butter added to dishes like risotto –Less or no cream in soups –No spread with wet sandwich fillings –Lower fat mayonnaise, dressings 18

19 Enhance Health Enhance Profit Replace some animal protein with plant protein Capitalise on growing popularity of Asian and vegetarian food 19

20 Enhance Health Enhance Profit Provide larger proportions of starchy foods –More wholegrains, bread, pasta –More vegetables 20

21 Enhance Health Enhance Profit Less salt added to dishes 21

22 What has the FSA been doing? Large Businesses Small Businesses Regional work in South West and West Midlands

23 Healthy Catering Large Businesses Front of Pack labelling Catering Commitments – 45 business providing healthier choices Calorie Labelling – 21 companies pilot, public consultation ended March

24 Commitments 45 of the UK’s largest catering companies committed to providing healthier choices – 4 areas: –Procurement –Menu planning –Kitchen practice –Nutrition informati on

25 Calories 21 companies took part in a trial in summer 2009. Public consultation on proposals for a voluntary scheme closed end March Results being analysed and report underway.

26 Effect of food labelling on consumer purchasing SandwichSales performance Less healthy choice More healthy choice Salmon & cucumber -30%+46% Prawn mayo-37%+46% Egg & cress-37%+97% 26 Sainsbury’s, 2009

27 Effect of food labelling on food choices when eating out 60% of consumers aware of calorie information when making menu choices 25% report that the information influences purchase 90% surprised by calorie information 50kcal less purchased per customer per eating episode 27 National Restaurant Association Survey, 2008

28 Healthier Catering Small Businesses 28 Healthier Food Mark England– public sector Healthy Options Award (Wales) Local Health y Award s PCT LA initiatives Healthy Towns Change 4 Life Healthy Living Award (Scotland ) SMALL BUSINESS WORK SMALL BUSINESS WORK

29 Example: FSA work with chip shops Targeted advice on how to produce a ‘healthier’ chip Simple, practical changes to produce healthier food Advice developed in consultation with experts in the area Build on current good practice Piloted advice with the help of Councils

30 BaselineInterventionEvaluation Pilot

31 Dissemination Business Trade Associations Enforcement officers Suppliers Website

32 Regional Work: Sandwich Shop South West 32

33 All local authorities invited to join 80% take up Two sandwich shops in each LA – control group and intervention group Initial pilot showed saving of £450pm Project complete by August 2010 Evaluated and outcome shared Oct 10

34 ‘Truckers’ Project West Midlands September 2010 – June 2011 34


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