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Room 17 Classroom Procedures What we do and How we do it!

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1 Room 17 Classroom Procedures What we do and How we do it!

2 Welcome to Language Arts!  Activity: Close your eyes and think about all the things you do in a classroom. How did you enter the class today? What have you done so far? Was it right? Was it wrong? Share your thoughts.

3 Procedures are in place for your SAFETY Your safety and happiness is the most important thing to me! I want you to feel like you can come here to learn, share, and grow as young adults. I am here to help you through this process

4 Entering the Classroom 1)When you enter the classroom each day, you must come in quietly and find your ASSIGNED seats. 2)If you have homework due that day that you know I will collect, take it out and put it in the silver turn in bin marked for either 7 th or 8 th grade. 3)Once you turn it in, return to your seats and take out your assignment notebook.

5 Copying Homework Once you reach your seats, you should IMMEDIATELY take out your assignment notebooks to begin copying whatever is on the board for your grade level. I will be around to initial it quickly. I will also give you homework points for your reading logs at this time. This should NOT take a long time to do.

6 Using the Bathroom and Leaving Class  If you have to use the bathroom, you should wait until we are doing an independent activity – not during silent reading and not when I am teaching  You can signal to me you need to leave by raising your hand with 2 fingers up  If you need to go to the nurse, raise your hand with 1 finger up

7 Using the Bathroom and Leaving Class  If you do need to leave, you will have to use your HAWK pass.  Your HAWK pass allows you to leave the classroom up to 6 times per marking period but NO MORE.  After each use, your pass will need to be hole- punched  Any unused punches will be counted as extra credit points for your report card  USE YOUR PASS VERY WISELY!! There are no replacements if you lose it.

8 What if I am late to class?  If you are late, you will need a pass to class from where you are coming from.  Come into the classroom and either hand it to me or place it on the desks at the front of the room

9 Sharpening pencils  You must sharpen your pencils at the beginning of class  Bring extra pencils in case your lead breaks  You may sharpen your pencils during times when we are not reading and I am not in front of the room teaching  If you need to borrow pencils from me, you will need to give me one of your shoes  I will return your shoe at the end of class when you give me back the pencil.

10 When you need supplies  If we are doing projects, I will provide the necessary materials unless I have told you in advance ask  Please ask before using any materials in the back pink and teal bins beginning  If you need a pencil, you must ASK at the beginning of class

11 When you finish an activity early  If we are doing an activity and you notice you finished it before everyone, please read silently at your desk, or you may work on an assignment due at a later date (i.e. RRJ or Spelling Sentences)

12 When you forget your binder and supplies  If you forget your supplies and they are in your locker, you may use your HAWK pass to go get them.  If you left them at home, you are expected to take your papers from today’s class and put them in the right section when you get home!

13 Leaving Class  I will dismiss you – NOT the bell  When you leave, you must push in your chairs and leave quietly

14 Let’s have a fun and safe School Year!!

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