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Section 3: Concepts of Democracy

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1 Section 3: Concepts of Democracy
Chapter 1 Section 3: Concepts of Democracy

2 DO NOW: “No government demands so much from the citizen as Democracy, and none gives so much back.” - James Bryce What does democratic government demand from you? What does it give you in return?

3 Foundations of Democracy
Why does democracy exist? It exists because the American people believe in its basic concepts. It will only continue to exist as long as we continue to believe in it. There are 5 basic notions.

4 Worth of the Individual
Democratic Concepts Worth of the Individual Every individual is important. Most important in a democracy At times, the value of a few may be less important than the interests of the masses.

5 Equality of All Persons
Democratic Concepts Equality of All Persons All citizens are entitled to equal opportunity and equality before the law. It does not assume that all are born with the same mental or physical abilities No person should be held back based on race, color, religion, or gender.

6 3.Majority Rules, Minority Rights
Democratic Concepts 3.Majority Rules, Minority Rights The majority of the people will more often be right than they will be wrong. Democracy searches for satisfactory solutions to public problems. Democracy is a “Trial and Error” process.

7 Necessity of Compromise
Democratic Concepts Necessity of Compromise Public decision making is a matter of give-and-take. Compromise: find the position most acceptable to the largest number of people

8 Democratic Concepts Individual Freedom
Freedom cannot be absolute in a democracy. “The right to swing my fist ends with the other man’s nose.” – Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes “The rights of every man are threatened when the rights of one man are threatened.” - President John F. Kennedy

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