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2 Know what the HOME ROW keys are. A S D F J K L ; Final Exam Review

3 What is the definition and purpose of ANCHOR POSITION? Home Row key position that will help you bring a typing finger back to its home key position. Final Exam Review

4 Which finger do you use to press the SPACEBAR? Thumb of your writing hand (left or right). Final Exam Review

5 Which should you be looking at … the book or the keyboard and why? You should be looking at the copy or monitor if there is no copy – NEVER at the keyboard! Looking at the keyboard will slow you down. Final Exam Review

6 What is correct typing posture? Back straight, feet flat on the floor slightly apart, and wrists up. Final Exam Review

7 How many errors do you count for each word, even if it contains several errors? Only one! Final Exam Review

8 How is typing speed measured? wam (words a minute) Final Exam Review

9 Know the HOME KEYS for the numeric keypad. 4, 5, 6 Final Exam Review

10 Know which fingers to use for the HOME KEYS on the numeric keypad. Right hand index, middle, and ring fingers. Final Exam Review

11 What is a HARD RETURN? When you press ENTER on the keyboard. Final Exam Review

12 What is a SOFT PAGE BREAK? Moving to the next page of a document automatically (without a hard return). Final Exam Review

13 What is MLA formatting and for what do you use it? An acronym for Modern Language Association and used in Academic Reports. Final Exam Review

14 Are ONE-PAGE BUSINESS REPORTS single- or double-spaced? Single-spaced. Final Exam Review

15 Are ACADEMIC REPORTS single- or double-spaced? Double-spaced. Final Exam Review

16 Know how to change the margins of a report in Microsoft Word. Page Layout Tab, Page Setup, Margins tab, change the settings. Final Exam Review

17 Know how to set line spacing for a report in Microsoft Word. Home, PARAGRAPH, and the INDENTS AND SPACING TAB, and then change the LINE SPACING dropdown. CTRL-2, Icon on the dialog ribbon Final Exam Review

18 Know what MILITARY STYLE is when typing a date. Day, Month, Year: 20 September 2008 Final Exam Review

19 Know the proper way to indent a paragraph. Use the TAB key … do not press the spacebar 5 times! Final Exam Review

20 Review the charts for PROOFREADER MARKS. cl/ Final Exam Review

21 Know how to set an APPROXIMATE 2-INCH MARGIN in single- and double-spacing. Single-spacing = hit ENTER 6 times; Double-spacing = hit ENTER 3 times. Final Exam Review

22 Know the differences in formatting an ACADEMIC REPORT and a BUSINESS REPORT. The margins and titles are different. An ACADEMIC REPORT also includes a heading. An ACADEMIC REPORT is double-spaced while a BUSINESS REPORT is single- spaced. Final Exam Review

23 Know the purpose and formatting of PARAGRAPH HEADINGS. Paragraph headings are MINOR subdivisions of a report typed at the beginning of a paragraph in bold and followed by a period (also in bold). Final Exam Review

24 Know the purpose and formatting of SIDE HEADINGS. Side headings break a report into SPECIFIC SECTIONS and are typed with a blank line before and after them in all caps and bold. Final Exam Review

25 Know the keyboard shortcuts to CUT, COPY, and PASTE text. CUT = CTRL-X COPY = CTRL-C PASTE = CTRL-V Final Exam Review

26 When creating lists, know when to use NUMBERING and when to use BULLETING. If there is a specific order, use numbers … otherwise use bullets. Final Exam Review

27 What is the WIDOW/ORPHAN CONTROL used for in Microsoft Word? To prevent paragraphs from leaving just 1 or 2 lines on one page and the rest on another page. Final Exam Review

28 Know the differences in formatting a BLOCK STYLE letter and a MODIFIED BLOCK STYLE letter. BLOCK STYLE: Everything is at the left margin. MODIFIED BLOCK STYLE: The date, Complimentary Closing, and Writer’s Identification are left-aligned at the center point of the letter. Paragraphs may be either at the left margin or indented. Final Exam Review

29 What is a SALUTATION? Give an example: A greeting on a letter; Dear Mr. Jones, Final Exam Review

30 What is an INSIDE ADDRESS? Give an example: The address to whom the letter is going … typed FOUR ENTERS below the date. Richard Stewart 123 Elm Street Chicago, IL Final Exam Review

31 What is a COMPLIMENTARY CLOSING? Give an example: The cordial ending to a letter … typed TWO ENTERS after the last paragraph of the body: Sincerely yours, Final Exam Review

32 What are REFERENCE INITIALS? Initials of the actual typist placed at the end of a letter, at the left margin TWO ENTERS after the writer’s identification. Final Exam Review

33 Know how to properly address an ENVELOPE. The RETURN ADDRESS is placed at the top left and the ADDRESS TO WHOM IT IS GOING is placed in the middle. Final Exam Review

34 What is a LETTERHEAD? Pre-printed stationery used primarily by businesses that has a logo, address, etc. on it. Final Exam Review

35 What is a CUSTOM TAB, how do you set one, and how does it affect PRE- SET TABS? A TAB that is created by clicking on the horizontal ruler. All default tabs to the left of it are deleted. Final Exam Review

36 What is the purpose and formatting location of an ENCLOSURE NOTATION? Indication that something has been ENCLOSED WITH the letter … typed at the left margin below the reference initials. Final Exam Review

37 What is the purpose and formatting location of an ATTACHMENT NOTATION? Indication that something has been ATTACHED TO the letter … typed at the left margin below the reference initials. Final Exam Review

38 Know the components and proper formatting for a PERSONAL BUSINESS LETTER. Date Inside Address Salutation Complimentary Closing Writer’s Identification Final Exam Review

39 Know the difference between VERTICAL CENTERING and CENTER-ALIGN. VERTICAL CENTERING refers to centering the text so that there is equal white space on the top and bottom; CENTER-ALIGN refers to HORIZONTALLY centering text across the page. Final Exam Review

40 How many tabs should be set when formatting a MODIFIED-BLOCK STYLE LETTER with INDENTED PARAGRAPHS? Two … one for the paragraph indentation and one at the center point of the letter for the date, complimentary closing, and writer’s identification alignment. Final Exam Review

41 Are letters normally single- or double- spaced? Single-spaced Final Exam Review

42 Should a PERSONAL BUSINESS LETTER ever be VERTICALLY CENTERED? Personal business letters should have an APPROXIMATE 2-inch margin at the top. Final Exam Review

43 What is the purpose of the H DRIVE for this class. To store all of your own documents and work. Final Exam Review

44 What is the largest computer network in the world called? Internet Final Exam Review

45 Which type of BROADBAND CONNECTION is not shared? DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Final Exam Review

46 What is HTML code used for? To create Web pages. Final Exam Review

47 Why would you want to view the HTML code on other Web pages? It is a great way to get ideas for your own Web pages! Final Exam Review

48 What is the purpose of in HTML? To give HTML-specific instructions. Final Exam Review

49 Review the differences between HEADING TAGS and FONT SIZE TAGS. clweb Final Exam Review

50 In HTML, what tag is used to BOLD text? Final Exam Review

51 How long should a resume be? One page! Final Exam Review

52 What is a template? A pre-designed document used in Microsoft Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Final Exam Review

53 What is the purpose of FIND and REPLACE in Microsoft Word? Finds all occurrences of a particular word or letter string and replaces it with whatever you tell it to. Final Exam Review

54 Know the difference between FOOTNOTES and ENDNOTES. FOOTNOTES are located on the page that the reference number appears while ENDNOTES appear at the end of a report either on the last page or on its own page. Final Exam Review

55 Know the proper order of components (pages) when submitting an ACADEMIC REPORT. (1) TITLE PAGE (2) TABLE OF CONTENTS (3) the report itself (4) BIBLIOGRAPHY Final Exam Review

56 Know how to properly format a BIBLIOGRAPHY in MLA style. Alphabetically by last name of author.. If no author then use book title. Use hanging indents. Final Exam Review

57 Know what direction ROWS and COLUMNS go in a SPREADSHEET and how they are labeled. Rows are horizontal and are labeled with numbers. Columns are vertical and are labeled with letters. Final Exam Review

58 How is a SPREADSHEET CELL formed? Intersection of a row and a column. Final Exam Review

59 Know what LABELS and VALUES are in a SPREADSHEET. LABELS = words VALUES = numbers, dates, or times. Final Exam Review

60 Know what FORMULAS and FUNCTIONS are in a SPREADSHEET and how to enter them. FORMULAS are mathematical calculations that are entered into a spreadsheet by the user. FUNCTIONS are pre-design formulas written into the software with names such as SUM or AVERAGE. Final Exam Review

61 Know the difference between COPYING DATA and MOVING DATA in a SPREADSHEET. COPYING DATA preserves a copy of the data by leaving it in the original location. MOVING DATA completely removes the original data and places it in the new location. Final Exam Review

62 What is the purpose of AUTOFIT in Microsoft Excel? A feature of Microsoft Excel that automatically changes the width of a cell to fit its exact contents. Final Exam Review

63 When you see “######” in a SPREADSHEET CELL what does it mean? The VALUE is too large for the cell. Final Exam Review

64 Know how to print a SELECTED AREA in Microsoft Excel. Highlight the cell or cells, then select FILE, PRINT AREA, SET PRINT AREA, and PRINT. Final Exam Review

65 What is a MATHEMATICAL OPERATOR in FORMULAS? Addition (+) Subtraction (-) Division (/) Multiplication (*) Final Exam Review

66 Know how to change the ORDER OF OPERATIONS in a FORMULA. Surround what you want calculated first in parentheses. Final Exam Review

67 Know the display differences between a BAR CHART and a PIE CHART. A BAR CHART is a type of picture or graph that shows relationships among values. A PIE CHART uses a circle divided into pieces to visually show the relationship among values. Final Exam Review

68 Know what a HEADER and a FOOTER is in Microsoft Word. A HEADER is at the top of the page A FOOTER is at the bottom. Use this feature in MS Word when you want the same information to appear on all pages. Final Exam Review

69 Know how to display FORMULA RESULTS in a SPREADSHEET CELL. Hit ENTER. Final Exam Review

70 Know the differences between a DATABASE FIELD, RECORD, and TABLE. A FIELD holds one type of information such as Last Name, Address, etc. A RECORD is all of the fields for one subject or one person (includes all of the designated fields). A TABLE is a collection of related records. Final Exam Review

71 Know the difference between DESIGN VIEW and DATASHEET VIEW in Microsoft Access. DESIGN VIEW allows you to define and name fields. DATASHEET VIEW allows you to enter data. Final Exam Review

72 Know the difference between PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE page orientation. Portrait = 8 ½ x 11 Landscape = 11 x 8 1/2 Final Exam Review

73 Know the difference between ASCENDING and DESCENDING sort. Ascending = A to Z or Descending = Z to A or Final Exam Review

74 What is the first step in creating a DATABASE TABLE? Define and name fields. Final Exam Review


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