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2 Roman Theatre 200 BC-475 AD Rome invaded Greece Took over their art
Took over their literature Took over their theatre

3 Roman Theatre 1.Theatre was frowned on by the educated Romans
2. Theatre was mainly for the lower classes 3. The lower classes wanted spectacle and vulgarity 4. Theatre was decadent and hollow 5. Tragedies awful, Comedies vulgar slapstick

4 Roman Theatre 1. The Senate was hostile to theatre
2. Pompeii- 61 BC builds a theatre put a statue of Venus in it and said it was a temple 3. Caesar wanted a theatre too

5 Caesar’sTheatre 1. Two wooden semicircles
2. Turned them to create seats for chariot races and gladiator contests

6 Roman Theatre- features
1. Raised stage - called a pulpitum- semicircle 2. Back wall- three story wall- ornate- scanea frons-three doors 3. Seating area connected to the stage 4. Audience area- covered with a roof and “air conditioned by aqua ducts from the mountains

7 Roman Theatre- changes to the stage
1. Added a front curtain- rolled up from the floor along tracks 2. Used a claque- a person who clapped or booed

8 Roman Theatre- Writers- Comedy
Plautus Copied Greek plots Set plays in rural setting Developed stock characters: Bucco- braggart Pappus- comic old man Maccus- gluttonous fool Dossenus- frightening hunchback Plays were a model for Shakespeare and Moliere

9 Roman Theatre- Writers- Comedy
Terrence Borrowed plots from the Greeks Eliminated the chorus Lines accompanied by music (musical?) Influenced the comedy of the Renaissance

10 Roman Theatre- Writers- Tragedy
Seneca- Plays have 5-6 actors Very gory plots Influenced writers in Europe in the Renaissance

11 Roman Theatre-costumes and masks
Masks covered the head Made of linen Had hair attached Wore togas/tunics Stock characters had their own basic costumes Mimes wore no masks

12 Roman Theatre-Decline
Plays overshadowed by spectaculars: Gladiator contests Christians fed to lions Special coliseums held water and had sea battles Slaves on the ships fought- killed each other Helped get rid of excess slaves and prisoners Everyone was killed by the time they ended

13 Roman Theatre-Decline
The fall of Rome- 475 AD Christian Church takes over Theatre banned Theatre in Europe, Greece, Italy became dormant The only place theatre continued was in Asia- the Orient

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