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Parts of an AD Headline Copy Illustration Logo/signature.

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1 Parts of an AD Headline Copy Illustration Logo/signature

2 Headlines Saying that gets the readers attention
Functions of Headlines Gain attention (Prime) Select the right prospect Lure reader to the text

3 Types of Headlines Alliteration – repeating initial consonant sounds
Paradox- contradiction that could be true Rhyme Pun – humorous use of multiple meanings of words Play on Words – “For Soft Babies and Baby Soft Hands”

4 Effective Headline Brief (less than 7 words) Main idea
Gets The Reader’s Attention

5 Copy The selling message in a written ad Functions
Explain or amplify the theme (Prime) Rouse interest Provide believable info Impel reader to see product

6 Types of Copy Reason-why – explain rewards Humorous Descriptive
Testimonial Dialog – 2 or more people talking Narrative – 1 person talking

7 Effective Copy Simple and direct Appeal to the senses
Who, what, when, where, why, and how Have a call to action (tell to do something)

8 Illustration Photograph or drawing used in an ad
Largest portion of the ad Functions Attract attention (Prime) Communicate idea quickly Interest audience Make ad believable

9 Illustration Types Product-part, ready for use, in use, being tested
Features of product Reward Effect of not using product Testimonial

10 Illustration Techniques
Photographs Art work Cartoons diagrams

11 Signature Identification symbol for a business May include: a logo
Name of Firm Location Hours of operation

12 Guess the Slogan Diamonds are forever The pause that refreshes
Good to the last drop Where’s the beef Coca Cola Wendy’s DeBeer’s Maxwell House

13 Guess More Slogans Let your fingers do the walking Just Do It
We try harder Breakfast of Champions We bring good things to life General Electric Avis Nike Yellow Pages Wheaties

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